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X6 Player pages done


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1st Overall - Diana Maxwell

2nd Overall - Theo Axelsson

3rd Overall - Essian Ravenwing

4th Overall - Asher Donovan

5th Overall - Izidors Balders @bukss_a

6th Overall - Elijah Dotran @Paramorise


Here I have done two more players for the historic 50th VHL Entry Draft and now have done 22% of this draft with the heavy hitters going 1st 2nd and 3rd. I think just Guntis and Elijah were the other players in this draft to have done much of anything at this level while Balders was the first REAL bust. Donovan was a semi bust because he was still useful just a bit more but Balders did unfortunately realllly bust. Next week we Guntis Petenis and Max von Hohenzollern get their player pages updated. After this whole draft gets done, I think after the first 10 or so players get done it won't take very long to update the rest because like I said most of the heavy lifting was done with the top 3. After this I was thinking of asking maybe a blue to do a 'redraft' for extra TPE like +4 for 400 words as a 'special' PT.

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