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So, time for my little speech.


Basically, Shelter was a bust of a draft pick, but he still is meh depth and can be signed on an inactive clause for the next X years so hopefully Cologne can do something with him.  As for the real pieces, Im very happy to add Reggie.  I've been scouting him since the Super Cup, so I know what he is capable of.  Truth be told, the Cal 2nd hurt more than the Tor 1st just because of this draft year, but Im still happy with this trade.  If I can win a cup this year, it'll all be worth it, and imo, we are in a great place for the next two years as well.  


Oh, and this trade sucked to negotiate, as Kendrick can attest to.  I am willing to take a large portion of the blame.  We are both happy that it is over :P

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