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Scouts visit Bratislava


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Tom Slaughter celebrates a goal with Slaeter Fjorsstrom


Bratislava, one of the hotbeds for Season 37 VHL prospects, was visited by VHL scouts this past week to interview players.  


"It's always good to get a sense of the personalities behind the players.  You never want to draft someone who will be a burden to your franchise.  The top drafting teams need players who are willing to help steer the ship around and stick around longer than a couple of seasons.  There's a lot of depth in this draft and it should be one of the better ones in a while." - Unnamed Scout.


So far the Wranglers, Reign, Bears and Express are the bottom four teams in the league.  However, not all the teams in the bottom four hold their original draft picks.  If the draft were to happen today (without the lottery), the order would be:


New York 





It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out and how the draft unfolds.  Watchmen teammates Tom Slaughter and Slaeter Fjorsstrom will more than likely go 1 and 2, but the order depends on what each team drafting in the top two needs.

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