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Regular season is soon over, most teams have only four games left, Davos and Calgary have five, but both teams have unfortunately lost their change to make it into the playoffs this year, so that one extra game does mean too much for them in the big picture. There is something interesting still going on that Calgary and Davos can play part in - it´s the who will end the year with most points - race! Riga has 109,  Seattle 106 and Toronto 105, so both Davos and Calgary can help or not by playing well or not so well. Right away on the next sim Calgary goes against Seattle and Davos plays against Riga, big game especially for Seattle - if Calgary wins and at the same time Riga manages to beat Davos, the difference at the top gets wider, nothing too dramatic at that point still, but with only four games left - Seattle and Toronto really need to win every game if they want to catch Riga and secure the first spot and also at the same time Riga needs to drop points.




Speaking of the Calgary - Seattle game, that will be game number 500 for me in VHL! Massive milestone and if I´m completely honest, I did not expect to play at this level for this long. I currently have 75 points in 68 games - that is over point per game from the blueline as a old man. Quite interestingly this year is the first since my rookie year where I have under 100 penalty minutes, only have 60 so far. Big reason behind that is my decision to not drop the gloves at all, in the past I was always ready to go, but the older I got - I had to make a decision, do I want to play as long as possible by changing my playing style or do I keep everything as is and see how lucky I am? I had to pick the first one and drop the fighting completely, total miracle that I don´t have any problems with concussions, but I know it was the right decision to stop fighting - might need just one unlucky hit to the head and rest of my life is ruined.




Overall I´m more than pleased on how my career has gone, big majority of the 500 games were in Quebec, won cup there and moved to Seattle for this season. Seattle is the place where I´m more than likely ending my career, at least hopefully. Really have enjoyed my time here and on top of that, we got excellent chance to win the cup now and also in the future, what more can I ask for? 


Winning my second and third cups are the biggest goals for reminder of my career. What comes down to individual success, I´m really close to being at point per game pace also on my whole career, got 541 points in 499 games, so next year I need something like 40 points to stay above that point per game pace. A lot of that depends on my ability to stay healthy and of course how well can I bounce back after a long season that will hopefully end into cup celebrations? As a old man, you need more time to rest and recover, but the facilities and coaching staff here in Seattle is perhaps the best in the business, so if there is any place that allows me to play on top of my game as really really really old man, it´s Seattle!



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