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The Charm [1/2]


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The Charm


Yukon Rush/HC Davos

8.5 C



Not a lot of VHL or hockey players in fact come out of the Republic of Ireland but The Charm is not trying to be a trend setter. The centre is 18 years old and is a Season 59 player thought he has already signed to be a Davos player meaning he will not enter the draft. He is currently playing for the Yukon Rush of the VHLM and is among the teams top players. He has 75 points which includes 39 goals and 36 assists showing his ability to be a play maker and a goal scorer in the future. He is a hard working centreman who projects to be a solid player down the middle for seasons to come in Switzerland.




1. Shot: It is a bit cliche for a forward to use shot as a plus but he truly does have a blistering wrist shot. He isn't Joe Sakic just yet, but he has all the tools there to build himself in to a sniper in the VHL as he has shown to be in the VHLM as well. His 39 goals is far and away tops on his team and his 306 shots show he isn't afraid of taking any shot to try and score.


2. Skating: It takes more then just a shot to score in the VHL and his skating is looking to be among the best of the Season 59 players. His acceleration is what surprises most defenders allowing him to go from 0 to 60 in almost a blink of an eye and getting him in on goal where he scores more often then not. 


3. Accent: being that he is Irish his accent is seen as a big plus. He will be a great interview throughout his career be it in Yukon or Davos. What this does is lets him be a mouth piece for his team so maybe leaderships fits better then accent, but either way you get the picture. In all honesty, he projects as a good offensive forward and will probably be a face for his franchise either way, but having a quotable accent certainly helps.




1. Size: He is far from a physical presence down the middle and might struggle against big defenders in the corners or in front of the net. He has had his share of injuries in his career in junior and even if he can't get hurt, he will still slow down physically over the years. 


2. Defense: The question remains if he will ever be able to achieve his potential as a game changer due to this. Will a team trust him to play the kind of minutes he should be playing? Will he be turned in to a second tier player in the league because he can't keep up against the other teams best players? Time will tell of course and he can improve, but for now he looks to struggle against other teams top players.


3. Potential: This sounds silly but truly we wonder how high his ceiling really can be. Davos has very little in terms of offense at the moment with Jeff Gow struggling it may rely on The Charm sooner rather than later. Will this hurt his development? It remains to be seen but questions will no doubt be raised if he struggles at all early in his career.

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