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Tristan Iseult Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Tristan Iseult

Goaltender - Left Handed

6'5" - 212 lbs

:uk: Redruth, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom :uk:


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Tristan Iseult is born in Redruth in the county of Cornwall in the south west of the United Kingdom. He was raised since he was young by his uncle. His career started a bit differently than most of the prospect that joined the VHLM draft. He started to play Field Hockey in his hometown. He was the goaltender of his home team. Tristan learned about ice hockey after his field hockey team faced a Canadian team and most of the player explained to the young Cornish players about the version played on the ice. The conversation intrigued Tristan and he wanted to try it out. His uncle, Mark Cornwall, sent him to Ireland where he could learn about the sport. Little did his uncle know that Tristan would discover his true love in the sport. He played a few season for the Upper Dublin Ice Hockey Club before deciding to opt in the VHLM draft.



Style Control: If you want to be able to defend your net properly, the best way to do it is to have good Style Control. It allow the goaltender to be at the right place at the right time. This is something Tristan always focused in his development and something that will allow him to stand out of the group.


Hand Speed: Puck at the top of the net is not something Tristan fears. He knows he have good hand speed and should be able to catch the puck quickly. As soon as he can see the skater shoot toward him, most of the time. Tristan will usually be doing drills after practices in order to keep this strength as sharp as possible.


Reaction Time: Another strength that make Tristan stand out is his reaction time. He have extremely good reflexes. This allow him to drop on his knees when it’s needed and get his hand or stick where the puck is going. He can also move from one side of the net to the other when there is a pass in front of him or someone try to do a turnaround.




Leadership: Tristan is a quiet man; he will not be a leader in a locker room. Some people will say that Tristan leads by example, but this is not something that Tristan will be doing for the others. He is always trying to improve his own game and does not really look around him if it inspire others or not.


Loyalty: Tristan is someone that might be on the move more often than some team would like it. While goaltender will most likely not be in huge demand if Tristan enter FA, he might decide to test the market anyway to see what the offers are.


Skating: One of the weakness of Tristan is his skating when he is on the ice. He is not a player that will move around a lot out of the crease and he will often let the defenseman take care of claiming and clearing the pucks around him instead of reaching them himself.


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