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Netflix Thread


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Don't know if theres already something for this but I always find it interesting to find out what TV show people are watching all the episodes to on netflix or some of the hidden gem movies on there.


Just finished up the Office and now I'm starting Scrubs.

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Continuously watch: Law & Order, The League, Rules of Engagement


Hidden Gems for everyone: The Way Back, Road to Hadithya, Amber Alert, 8:46, Tears of the Sun, Aziz Ansari (Buried Alive), The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Prison Break

Breaking Bad

The Walking Dead


Freaks and Geeks


Arrested Development

Orange is the New Black

House of Cards (new season soon!!)

How could I forget Undeclared?! Had a few laughs in the few episodes it had. Arrested Development is one of my favorites as well.
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so I watched every Ryan Gosling movie on Netflix because he is bae and there is the one really freaking weird one called Lars and the Real Girl and I strongly suggests everyone watches it and enjoys the full scale weirdness of it

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