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What Happened to Jake Scheel?


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What Happened to Jake Scheel?

VHL.com // J.S. Augusta




Jake Scheel was never the most well-known name in the league, but he did make a stir in his draft year. Regarded by some as one of the better 'first-generation' players available, his draft stock dipped near the end of the year due to his level of progression -- which was solid, but still not up to the part of some of the other players available. Ultimately selected fifth overall by the Calgary Wranglers, Scheel quickly dedicated himself to his new team and there was some hope in Calgary that he might emerge as a young star for the then-struggling franchise.


Clearly, that didn't happen.


Tallying just 167 points in 216 games, an average number for a VHL player, Scheel has entirely failed to live up to some of the scouts predictions. He has played an acceptable two-way game, recording an even +/- this season which appears fairly solid considering the team's play overall, but his offensive game has been largely lacking. 


So, what happened? It seems that Scheel's promise was undermined by a growing disinterest in training, perhaps distracted by the luxuries that offering a young player millions of dollars to play hockey can bring. But recently, there's been some evidence he might be able to mount a rudimentary turnaround. He'll never be the star he once seemed to be destined to be, but with recent strides in training camp, he might just be able turn himself into a significant enough role-player to make his mark on the league after all.

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