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Claimed:3 tips to beat Bratislava


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How Bern will beat Bratislava


The race for the top spot come playoffs time has been close one so far in the VHLM, with the Bratislava Watchmen and the Bern Royals having a nice battle so far. Although the Watchmen scored another win over Bern recently, the surrounding in the Swiss’ capital still is confident that they will have a shot at beating them when it all comes down the wire. Here is why they are.


1) Give Kai Randal a running nose
Kai Randal is one of the up and coming Left Wingers in the league, supporting Bratislava’s case in any way possible for him. Although his name might not get the recognition it probably should, scouts are always well aware of the effort and energy Randal plays with. These in minds, sources report that the Royals’ management is considering helping his luck out a little by sidelining Randal in whichever case possible. “This may sound cruel to him, but I would not mind him catching a little cold or flu, or such,” Ron World Peace said after last week’s loss, “he is very determined and keeping him out of the game is a good first step for us to win.” And World Peace may not be that far away from the truth as losing an active guy even over only a short time can hurt a team big time.



World Peace (l.) defending (e.g. chasing) Kai Randal


2) Watch the men on ice
A certain person wearing the colors of the Royals, Ron World Peace to be exact, has to contain his emotions when being on the ice. Over and over again, his aggressions have struck his team badly in late games resulting in penalties and suspensions. If he keeps his head out of the struggle, he might even score crucial goals like the game-winning one versus Saskatoon. “Being quiet is really difficult for me. You know I am quite keen in trash talking and such, but if someone crosses the line,” World Peace points out, “I do not care then whether it is the referee, my teammate or an opponent who gets smashed to the ground. They are all equal to me in that situation. Hell, even my coach is in danger.” His habit as a mad man on the ice is quite contrary to his appearance off the ice. World Peace hardly ever speaks publicly to the press, or throws ill words at opponents in the print media. The only player that he reportedly dislikes is Davey Jones of the HC Davos Dynamo. “No offense here to the Dynamo association although,” World Peace said in one of his rare comments.



World Peace scoring his goal vs. Saskatoon


3) Alternative: Injure players
If both of these naturally hyper-effective advices do not work, World Peace sets his sight on “helping my opponents to get their much-needed rest” how he diplomatically describes it. Several VHLM players already needed stitches etc. in-game after going up against World Peace who can be a very dirty player if he wants to – and he wants it often enough. If you would ask other players, they might say he wants that too often. With that mindset, it might however only be a question of time before people get back at World Peace.

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Content: 3/3 - Yep, over 500 words. Mr. World Peace does not sound so peaceful. 

Grammar: /2 - Did not see any! Good Job!

Appearance: 1/1 - Yep! Liked the text color changes and cool pictures!

Overall: 6/6 - Who will win in the end, when it comes down to the wire? Bern or Bratislava?

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