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Some League Season Stuff [1/2]


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Some Season Stuff


The season is over and done with in the VHL, and the standings are all sorted out since last night. With the playoffs officially underway tonight, VHL fans around the world are ready to see what develops over the next couple of weeks. After the league contracted to 8 teams, things definitely became a lot more competitive for everyone. From what is probably not a surprise to many, the Riga Reign hold the top spot in the VHL, although with only a slight advantage over both the Toronto Legion and Seattle Bears. Riga ended the season with 117 points, while Toronto had 113, and Seattle 111. The Legion and Bears had 53 wins each, while the Reign beat them both out with 56. The team with the highest goal differential was none other than the Reign, with a +120 having 267 for, and 147 against. Although, the Toronto Legion were the league's best defensive team, having only 137 goals against over the season, but with a 106 differential. Both the Toronto Legion and Riga Reign head into the post-season with a 5 game winning streak.


As far as the VHL point leaders are concerned, it is once again both Fred Krigars and John Locke at the top of the pack. Krigars had 126 points, while Locke had 121, and they were the only 2 players to eclipse 120 points on the season. Franchise Cornerstone holds down the number three spot with 113 points, and Toronto's Bo Boeser repeats his elite performance of last season, this time with 109 points. Shawn Gretzky and Gabriel McAllister both follow not far behind him, Gretzky having 108, and McAllister having 107. Finding himself in 7th is the Legion's Lee King Snatch, who had the season of his career in his retirement season, which has been a great story to follow. Then we had Lukas Muller from Riga in 8th, Mattias Forsberg (SEA) in 9th, and Toronto's Pablo in 10th.






John Locke was the VHL's best goal scorer in Season 58. He had 61 goals, and was the only player to make it past the 60 mark. Franchise Cornerstone was not far behind though, having 55 himself, while Bo Boeser held down the 3rd spot with 52. From there, the goal race was pretty close, but McAllister and Krigars were the only other players to pass 50. Lee King Snatch had 47 goals for himself, and was easily the MVP of Toronto's first half of the season, before Boeser picked up the pace. Marc-Alexandre Leblanc, Toronto's contraction draft pickup, put up 44 goals holding down 8th in the VHL scoring.


With John Locke scoring 61, you could only guess who was the assist leader in the VHL. Fred Krigars obviously assisted on a lot of those Locke goals, and with that came his 76 assists. Pablo followed closely with 74, and Seattle's Aleksei Federov put up 65 as a defenseman like Pablo. Not only Federov from Seattle had 65 assists though, as Fabio Jokinen also had the same amount, and Toronto's Roman Sokolov followed with 63.


In the defenseman category, some may consider this a surprise. Pablo had more points than any defenseman in the VHL with 92. He had 18 goals and 74 assists. Federov was behind him with 84 points, so Pablo had an 8 point gap on the next best in the league. Fabio Jokinen had 83 points, and Roman Sokolov had 81. Getting over 80 points from 2 different defensemen was obviously huge for both the Seattle Bears and Toronto Legion. It is going to be a fun development to watch for who gets defenseman of the year.



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Review: As expected Riga was the top team yet again behind the stellar play from their goalie and their duo of Krigars/Locke. I still don't understand how Krigars does it but he is one of the luckiest players I have seen in all my 26 seasons of being here. Toronto has been one of the surprise teams and it was just a matter of time before they were pushing towards being the best team again. Seattle always seems to be that dark horse team that will surprise you one season and then surprise themselves the next.

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