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S58 World Cup GM


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Apply for this!


As a GM, you'll be tasked with:

- Selecting a roster of players to represent your country

- Helping to generate discussion with your selected team-mates in both your respective team forum and in game threads.

- Submitting lines for each game (If you have no prior experience of this, then a teammate or the World Cup Commissioners will be more than happy to assist).


Team List:

Team Canada

Team USA

Team Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland)

Team Western Europe (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Germany)

Team World (All other countries) 

Team Mercenaries (Any players not selected for the above five teams)


Things To Consider:

- A small TPE payment will be awarded to General Managers, providing an extra incentive for those thinking about applying for the role. 

- Primarily, we will be looking to have teams represented by General Managers that own players of the same nationality. 

- If you're someone with no previous management experience in the VHL, then a role as World Cup General Manager is a great way to introduce you to the basic concepts of managing a team. 

- The World Cup does not have a fixed start date as of yet but I am working on the spreadsheet right now and should have it up this weekend.



Team Spreadsheets - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ghPnTmFmq2C_v7FhghhVvl1rPR1TfKyrV1fCsIQZMJQ/edit?usp=sharing


Team Canada - @Beaviss

F - Shawn Gretzky

F - Marc-Alexandre LeBlanc

F - Chase Keller

F - Lee King Snatch

F - Motherfucker Sharpe

F - Sami Zayn

D - David Savard

D - Ay Ay Ron

D -Keaton Louth

D -Matthieu Bourdon 

G - Rhett Degrath 

G - Markus King


Team USA - @BluObieZ

F - 

F - 

F - 

F - 

F - 

F - 

D -

D -

D -

D -

G -

G -


Team Scandinavia - @Quik

F - Mattias Forsberg

F - Aksel McNight

F - Verner Reinholdt

F - 

F - 

F - 

D Fabio Jokinen

D Diego Jokinen

D -Mats Johnsson

D -

G - Mistake

G -Ike Arkander


Team Western Europe @diamond_ace

F - Kristof Mueller

F - Lukas Muller

F - The Charm

F - Rusty Trombone

F - Phil Bennington

F - Phil Shankly

D - Boner

D - Luka Volkov

D -Augustus Gloop


G - Shawn Brodeur

G - Brienne O'Tarth


Team World - @tfong

F - Fred Krigars

F - Fook Yu

F - Takashi Fujimoto

F - Rudolph Schmeckeldorph

F - Sergei Komarov

F -Franchise Cornerstone

D - Niko Bogdanovic

D - Aleksei Federov

D - Roman Solokov

D - Slava Aleksei 

G - Astrid Moon

G -


Team Mercenaries - @Bushito

F - Jasper Canmore

F - Xavier Laflamme

F - Xander Finn

F - Launchpad McQuack

F - Ivan Morozov

F - Jeff Gow

D - Dalton Thrower

D - Conrad Jenkins

D - Colton Rayne

D - Michael Kinkaid

G - Norris Stopko

G - Marcel St.Laurent

Edited by Bushito
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13 minutes ago, philthethrill81 said:

Contemplating this. Any timeline when it will happen? Also, the spreadsheet doesn't list many names for me.

I am updating the spreadsheet right now. That’s a link to the old one. I’d like to have GMs in place by Saturday at the latest

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17 hours ago, Bushito said:

going to wrap it up tomorrow and pick the last 2 GMs

I mean, I've represented Team Scandinavia numerous times - however, would also need someone to zip the lines in for me until someone teaches me how to get the damn STHS on a MAC.

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5 minutes ago, diamond_ace said:

There aren't enough players for Western Europe to fill a roster, where do I take extra people from

Not sure how that works, I don't think it has been a thing in the past. I'll have to ask the BOG

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1 minute ago, Beaviss said:

Same with me I don’t have enough forwards. Also how would you like me to input lines etc?

Canada has 9 forwards so you have more than enough. Lines will be input with STHS when the world cup file is made. We need rosters done first.

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4 minutes ago, Bushito said:

Canada has 9 forwards so you have more than enough. Lines will be input with STHS when the world cup file is made. We need rosters done first.


Want me to pm you the roster?

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