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Fabio interview [1/2]


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Players for the S58 All-Star game has been selected! It´s going to be memorable event for everybody involved, fans get to see some of the best players in VHL on the ice at the same time and I imagine it´s really cool for the players themselves, not every day you get to take part in All-Star game. To celebrate the event, I decided to interview one of the players who got selected, Fabio Jokinen from Seattle Bears was nice enough to take the time and sat down with me, this is what happened:


Fabio,Fabio! Over here, It´s me Karen - from the Seattle Sport News, we spoke on the phone

FJ: Oh hey! Nice to meet you


Karen: Thanks for doing this, I know you are a busy man these days with the playoffs starting and everything.
FJ: Not a problem, gave me the perfect excuse to miss the afternoon skate. Sometimes us players have various media and other little meetings around the town, but if nothing on the schedule - everybody is supposed to come in to the arena for little afternoon sweating session. I don´t really mind it, but as a old man - I need all the rest I can get.


Karen: Right on, so lets get started! All-Star game, how does it feel to be selected, did you expect to play in the All-Star game this year?

FJ: It feels amazing, even more so when you think about the fact that I changed teams before the season even started, always bit of a mystery how a new guy fits in with everybody in the team, not just off the ice, but on the ice as well, sometimes it takes a while, but for me - I felt at home right away and it has been a great year overall, so to answer you question, no - I was not expecting to play in the game, I was secretly hoping I would be picked, but was not expecting to.


Karen:  What makes the All-Star game so special?
FJ: It´s the atmosphere, we play against each other most of the year, but now get to hang out and have fun for the weekend, great way to relax in middle of the season and charge your batteries. Of course the skill events are always fun, I enjoy watching them at home and I´m sure I´m not the only one, even more fun to see the great stick handlers do their magic live on the ice naturally and hear the trash talking that goes on, nothing too dramatic or negative, more for fun.


Karen: Got any special moves you plan on using?
FJ: I might only take part in the shootout event and the actual game, but for the shootout I have one move in my mind, without spoiling it - go to youtube and check Marek Malik shootout goal. That is what I´m planning on doing, but when Malik went topshelf, I´m going five hole. Never tried that move in games or anything, but tried it in practice once and got it right, so I´m feeling confident on being able to pull it off.


Karen: Looking forward to seeing that move, if we move on from the All-Star weekend,how about the playoffs, what thoughts you have?
FJ: Really excited to get the games going, this is the moment we all have been waiting for in Seattle, playoff hockey and change to go after the cup. Going to be tight games, but with the team we have here, I´m confident we are going to have a solid run and bring glory into Seattle!


Karen: One last question, who is going to win the cup?
FJ: Seattle Bears of course


Karen: Thank you for the interview Fabio and good luck in the All-Star game and in the playoffs!
FJ: No problem and thank you! Oh and hey, what are you doing later today?


Karen: Sorry I don´t date defenders, bye.


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Review: With the way Jokinen plays, it's no surprise he is a perennial all-star. Seems as if he really enjoyed himself in this interview as he was just his normal lax self. Your prediction on the Seattle Bears winning the cup was off but we all knew that. Also bad luck on not pulling in the reporter for that one night stand.

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