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Claimed: Veikko Bjornberg Coming to the VHL [1/2]


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Veikko Bjornberg (pictured) skated with his cousin Viktor for Team Sweden during last years World Cup of Hockey. 


Veikko Bjornberg is one of the latest players to announce his eligibility for the VHLM. A swift skating winger from Angelholm, Sweden, Veikko is a cousin of PHL superstar and potential Hall of Fame candidate, Viktor Bjornberg. The elder Bjornberg has been a true star and building block for the Seattle Sockeyes and somebody who perennially is among the leagues leading scorers. Viktor led the entire PHL in goals last season.. not bad for somebody who is generally regarded as a playmaker. Needless to say, Veikko has some very good bloodlines and is somebody who will be entering the VHLM with very high expectations. The fact that Veikko was selected to play for Team Sweden during last years World Cup did little to slow down the hype. Veikko was just 17 years old when selected to the team. By rule, players must be 18 or over to participate in the event. However, Sweden petitioned to allow Veikko play for the team and their efforts were successful. Veikko was granted exceptional status and permitted to play alongside his cousin Victor, former SHL legend Jhonas Skarsgaard, and the rest of the Silver Medal winning squad. 



Veikko outclassed his peers while playing with Aarhus Havet Konger. 


Veikko played for Aarhus Havet Konger last season, the farm team of Vingarstal IF of the PEHL. Aarhus is a team based out of Denmark. Veikko dominated, scoring 46 goals and adding 67 assists, in just 52 games. It was clear that Veikko was playing against a level of competition that wasn't as skilled as he is. Many people saw this stop as a potential preparation for Veikko's eventual journey across the pond to join the PHL. Bjornberg was regarded as a potential top 5 pick in the Season 23 PHL draft. The so-called experts were caught off-guard when Veikko announced late last week that he would venture out and look to bring his family's famous last name to a new league.  


Back to where we started, Veikko Bjornberg will be coming to the VHL. While he is eligible to sign with a VHLM team now, and there have surely been some offers made to him since his declaration, it doesn't seem likely that Veikko will sign with a team now and will instead wait until the S59 VHLM Draft to find out where he will be playing his games next season. There's little doubt that he will be among the first handful of players selected. Bjornberg doesn't let his slight size (5'10", 171 pounds) stop him from attacking the net and putting pucks past goalies. If anything, Veikko uses this to his advantage, slipping through small gaps in the defense, and finding prime scoring locations. Veikko has usually been the quickest skater on the ice up until this point in his career and he didn't look out of place during his World Cup appearance. What really gets scouts excited about Veikko is his vision and creativity. "Bjorny" as he's known by his teammates makes passes that most players wouldn't recognize as being available.


VHLM General Managers would be wise to take a long look at Bjornberg when scouting for the draft. There's little doubt that Veikko is going to succeed.






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