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Billy Pilgrim RD [1/2]


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Billy Pilgrim, Pictured above at  age 15


D - Billy Pilgrim #13

6’2”, 221 LBS

Born Rochester, NY

Right Handed


   Billy Pilgrim was born in upstate New York and began playing hockey as a very young child. He showed an aptitude for playing defense at a very young age, when most kids just want to score goals. At the age of thirteen Pilgrim was recruited to play in the QMJHL, where he gained notoriety for his odd practice of eating steaks between shifts. It has been said Pilgrim eats over 3 pounds of beef every game, and therein lies the root of his ridiculous power. Although Pilgrims real passion, and would be career of choice, is bear wrestling, as he turns 18 and enters adulthood he has decided to pursue a career in hockey as a means to support his many, many children. 



Awareness- The most impressive aspect of Pilgrims game is his awareness and off puck play. He has a knack for always being in the right spot at the right time, which often times makes up for his mediocre agility and burst. His hockey IQ makes him one of the best young penalty killers to enter the league in a long time. He uses his mental acuity and massive frame to clog up passing lanes and to force advancing puck carriers to the outside. Has an ability to get under opposing players skin often times drawing penalties stemming from frustration. Pilgrim plays with an unwavering mental focus and is always ready to go. 


Physical Presence- With a size and strength more commonly seen with NFL linebackers Pilgrim dominates his opponents physically. Stories abound of how Billy, around ages 6-7, would prank his parents by carrying the family fridge, food and all, outside to the backyard and other places it did not belong. Pilgrim is a force in front of his own net, manhandling the wingers and never letting them get comfortable. It has been said Pilgrim has never once lost a battle for a loose puck and is amongst the most feared players ever when fighting it out along the boards. It is common for Pilgrim to deliver hits so violently his victims soil themselves upon impact. He has a massive slapshot, albeit not the most accurate. 


Penalty Kill- One of the most important aspects of hockey is the ability to shut down the opposing teams power play. This is something Pilgrim excels at. He is excellent at clogging passing lanes, blocking shots, and disrupting the other team. His size allows him to knock opponents off the puck easily. 



Athleticism- Despite possessing good top end speed Pilgrim struggles moving laterally and lacks the explosive burst most elite defenders have. His mediocre agility leaves him vulnerable in one on one situations against shiftier opponents, as he tends to depend on his wingspan and strength.  


Puck Handling- Pilgrim is no threat with the puck. He is  a good passer, fortunately, since passing is very much his preferred method of moving the puck up ice. His stickhandling is clunky and he lacks touch, but does a decent job of using his large body to keep defenders off the puck. 


Over Aggresive- One glaring issue with Pilgrims style of play is his penchant for going for the big hit when simply taking the defenders body off the puck would suffice. It is in Pilgrims nature to head hunt, and he has been beaten before when over pursuing or going in for the kill shot. He will take some penalties due to his style of play, and sometimes can be goaded into taking retalitory penalties.


Pilgrim enters the league a raw prospect with tons of potential. He has all the physical traits and the hockey IQ to succeed at this level, should he manage to put it all together he may well become one of the top defenders in the league. 









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