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Claimed: First overall seems set but after that? [1/2]


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HC Davos is getting prepared for the draft.


The season is not yet over but for most teams the look ahead at the draft and indeed the off season has begun. Davos holds the top two picks with Calgary and Helsinki rounding out the top four. In a draft that seems weak on depth those picks will be probably the major attention grabbers unless a team has a lower level player targeted for a steal. Davos holding pick 1 and 2 certainly have a big decison ahead of themselves and will need to hit a homerun with these two picks if they are able to get back on track for their rebuild.


The top prospect available is not really up for debate with centre ice man Joseph Bassolino the obvious first overall choice. He has strong pedigree, plays the most important position and is the top TPE earners for his draft class. Though nothing can be confirmed just yet it does seem very likely Davos will make him the first overall pick. He has ties to the organization and would be a future franchise forward for the Swiss team alongside GM player The Charm, another Season 59 player. The next pick is arguably the difficult one with a few options on the table. Davos could trade it although there have not been too many rumors floating around just yet, though that could change quickly.


Otherwise, the two logical choices seem to be Evan Lawson, a left winger or Brandon Hood a defenseman. Davos already has a good young defense core led by Felix Savard and Ko Kane but they are always looking to add to this key position. While Lawson is arguably the positional need (forward) Hood is the better player at this stage of their developement. There are rumors that Davos' GM met with both players recently and is looking to set up a plan of action. A dark horse would be Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette who is a rugged enforcer on defense. He doesn't seem likely as Davos already has a defense first fundamentally sound player in Ko Kane, but crazier things have happened.


It is yet to be seen what happens in the draft but it seems all but certain Bassolino will be the number one pick. If he is, the Davos forward group will be youthful and ready for contention in Season 60 or 61 at the latest. Another prospect Dragon Mcdragonface has had a bit of a down year but still remains in high esteem by the organization as a piece for the future. Should he spend another year for developement in the VHLM it may be for the best although there is some public pressure from the fans to have him in the big leagues next year. Another player in this position is Elias Sobeck the teams second first round pick last year. The player is poised to be a training camp decison and could push the team that struggled so much up front this season.


The rest of the team seems status quo. Veteran defenseman Diego Jokinen will continue to be a leader for the young team while young players Ko Kane and Shawn Brodeur will continue to develop in to solid players for the youth movement. This year may be another year of transition in Davos but, god willing, it may be the last.

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On 2/7/2018 at 4:02 AM, Trifecta said:


Wishful thinking bud

Hey, I am here I am trying ;-) I have not looked too deeply, but has anyone created a female player? I imagine there is not anything explicitly against that right?

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1 hour ago, Polygeekism said:

Hey, I am here I am trying ;-) I have not looked too deeply, but has anyone created a female player? I imagine there is not anything explicitly against that right?

Yeah we've had a few female players and members

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