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Claimed: The Pilgrimage; the Future is Now [1/2]


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  Late last Thursday I had the opportunity to sit down with up and coming defenseman Billy Pilgrim. Upon arriving a couple hours late Billy apologized, explaining that he was training. Taking note of the 18 year olds’ massive frame I have no doubt he was telling the truth. Pilgrim is a unique player, possessing a feel for the game that many big men lack, he has been a dominant force at every level hes played. We had a short time to sit and talk, but the young mans love amd enthusiasm for the game was infectious. If nothing else, Pilgrims’ all out play style and respect for the game will make him an instant fan favorite where ever he winds up for the upcoming season. 



Pictured Above: Billy Pilgrim Stretching some chains. 


(HellbillyXIII) Billy, You are about to realize your lifelong dream of playing pro hockey, how does it feel?

(Billy Pilgrim) Oh man, it hasn’t even sunk in yet. Im just really diggin into this offseason training. I have been boxing, yoga, dry land and on ice training, weights...every day. It’s been awesome. 


(H13) Boxing, eh? What made you decide to do that?

(BP) Ha, well, I’m an agitator. Figure I can’t just depend on my size anymore. These guys are all big. 


(H13) It’s clear motivation is not an issue for you, what keeps you going as hard as you are?

(BP) Mostly I just love hockey and want to do it forever. Win a lot of championships. Also, I live in my car, so I kind of want to change that too. It’s not easy living in a car, but I have a pretty sweet set up man. A shower, kitchen, no bathroom, but there is a place to sleep. That’s important. 




Pictured Above: Billys’ home


(H13) Ok. It’s draft night, where are you and what are you doing?

(BP) I am probably hangin’ with the boys, at one of their places, following the draft on line or TV if it’s on. 


(H13) Right on, what changes have you, or are going to, make as far as your approach to hockey now?

(BP) Not a whole lot as far as actual hockey stuff goes, I’ve always been putting in a lot of time on that. The big difference now will be the cardio and weight training. All these guys are super athletes, the best of the best. I really depend on my size and strength, I need to be able to stand my ground out there, and to do it for the entire game. But really though, it’s all I do now. i just have more time to devote to it. Everything I do, from the time I wake up until i go to sleep is done with the mindset “I am making myself a better hockey player, right now.”


(H13) That’s great! I have to say I am a big fan of yours, and I am really excited to see you play at this level. I think you have a bright future ahead of you. Thank you for sitting down with me today, amd best of luck.

(BP) Aw hey thanks Hellbilly, this was fun. 


Word count 528

To be used week of 2/5-2/11






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