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S58 Off-Season Schedule


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  • Senior Admin

Dates Subject to Change

TBA: VHLM Entry Draft, VHL Entry Draft


Saturday, February 10th

Experience Points Allocated

Depreciation/Update Scale Changeover

Sunday, February 11th

S59 Finance TPE Cut-Off (all TPE prior to this date will affect salary brackets for S59)

Brett Slobodzian Trophy Voting Opens


Monday, February 12th

Training Camps Open

World Cup Day 1


Tuesday, February 13th

Final Round of Grim Jonsson Voting Commences

S59 Predictions Open

VHL Entry Draft - 8PM EST

World Cup Day 2


Wednesday, February 14th

Free Agency Discussion Opens

World Cup Day 3


Thursday, February 15th

Free Agency Opens

VHL & VHLM Awards Ceremony 

Prediction Points Distributed

World Cup Day 4


Friday, February 16th

World Cup Day 5

World Cup Quarter-Finals


Saturday, February 17th

S58 Hall of Fame Induction

World Cup Semi-Finals


Sunday, February 18th

World Cup Bronze & Gold Medal Games

S59 VHLM TPE Cut-Off (all TPE earned prior to this date counts towards the 200 TPE cap)

Pre-Season Retirement (Players can re-create for S60 and still play S59)

Final Updates for S59 (these may occur throughout Sat/Sun/Mon)


Monday, February 19th

Training Camps Close

S59 Begins

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  • Senior Admin

Very tentative schedule, at least until we get a time nailed down for the VHL Draft things might move around a little bit. BUT we'll do our best to not extend the off-season and get S59 kicked off by next Monday.

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All S52, S53, S54 players have been depreciated. All VHL players have been converted to the new update scale. VHLM is being worked on.


Tomorrow, I will update the sim with the new attributes so that the attributes and TPA numbers on the Portal will be accurate. At that point, we will handout the compensation payout as mentioned in the announcement and provide information on the TPE Re-Rolls (we need the TPA numbers to be accurate for this).



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14 minutes ago, Banackock said:

@Will So player pages are now affected by the new update scale and depreciation? 


Ouch if so, lol. I just went from elite to a good player real quick.. Hope that preroll helps a bit because fuck - my interest in earning 700 TPE died real fast lol..


It looks worse now because you've played 6 seasons on 9/TPE week cap, where the new update scale was built around a 12/TPE cap. That's why tomorrow you'll receive a payout to offset the change in weekly cap! 

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On 2/10/2018 at 12:21 PM, Will said:


Sunday, February 18th

Final Updates for S59 (these may occur throughout Sat/Sun/Mon)


A heads up, this will be tomorrow afternoon for my teams: Calgary, Davos, Helsinki and New York. So make sure to get any updates/re-rolls in before then!

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48 minutes ago, Will said:

Just an FYI, we'll be looking to start the season tomorrow, as well as finish off World Cup. Sorry for the delay! 


I know how much you had to do. Don’t worry about delaying your the reason the VHL keeps moving along.

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