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Toronto Questions


Coming off of that playoff loss to the Seattle Bears, the Toronto Legion have some options. Many will likely analyze that they can blow up the team and rebuild from here on out, but at the same time they also have the option of staying put with their roster. Some players like Bo Boeser and Torstein Ironside are in their primes right now, alongside Dexter Lane, Verner Reinholdt and Daring Do. Although, other players on their roster are coming into their last few seasons of action, like Roman Sokolov, Pablo, Marc-Alexandre Leblanc, and Xander Finn. Then you have Lee King Snatch who already announced his retirement a season earlier than some expected, and will not be playing next season. The future is dim at the moment for the Toronto Legion, with no S61 1st and only Adam Warlock on the radar of prospects after trading away Phil Bennington last season. One can gather on the other hand that those 2 prospects were not franchise names anyhow. Nonetheless, the future is what can be gained by trading away their current stars now.


Toronto this season was one of the favourites to win the Continental Cup, but that dream was halted by a surging Seattle Bears team that beat them out in a 7 game series, featuring 4 overtime games. Definitely a heart breaking loss, no matter who lost that series. Ultimately though, both teams likely would have lost to the elite Riga Reign, who beat Seattle in 6 games to win the cup on the backs of John Locke and Fred Krigars. Torstein Ironside did not play like himself at all in the Bears series either, who though those 7 games posted an 88.8% save percentage, as well as a goals against average of 3.60. Those are horrible numbers for the post-season, and one might ponder what might have happened if they played their elite back-up, TOR G. Even Bo Boeser was on pace to carry his team through the playoffs, with 13 points in 7 games, which was a better pace than anyone in the post-season, but Seattle gave him a giant 'fuck you'.






It is on to the next one once again for the Legion in Season 59, where the Legion will have some decisions to make. Lee King Snatch is already gone, while Xander Finn, Roman Sokolov and Daring Do are free agents now. Sokolov is obviously the most notable of those names, being Toronto's best defenseman for many seasons before the resurgence of Pablo. Insiders have noted that he will be testing free agency, while still considering Toronto an option. Daring Do is likely to stick around with the Legion, as he has become somewhat of a lifer there, and Xander Finn has made it known he will be exploring other options. With Torstein Ironside, Bo Boeser, and Pablo all locked in on contracts for next season, welcoming raises and primed for another go at it, this Legion team is likely going to stay the course and try for another run in Season 58. That has them standing pat with a great goalie, forward, and defenseman, so they can definitely still be contending next season if they want to.


The question after all of this is, what will they do? If Sokolov leaves, that leaves a big hole on the blue line, so maybe they will bring in a defenseman through trade or free agency. That will be the main thing to watch, and what they might do to try and replace the hole left by Lee King Snatch as well. Snatch was never known as a big franchise name, but he made himself known as that in Toronto, so Boeser might need someone else to pass to now that he is gone.


That's all for this edition of "Writing For TPE".

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