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Seattle Bears had almost the perfect season, made it into playoffs and all the way to finals, but Riga was just too much this time around, Riga is celebrating the cup victory after season 58. A lot of positives to take with us from this year and I´m sure next season we as a team are that much more ready to face whatever VHL is throwing at us, long regular season with a lot of games and then if you are lucky, playoffs on top of it - not exactly the easiest challenge to any players and teams. Differences are small between teams, so experience plays big part in everything, Seattle Bears and the players in the team are now one year older and have the experience on making the finals, just matter of turning the loss into victory next year!


At the moment I´m personally enjoying my well earned break from the hockey world, doing absolutely nothing for the next few weeks. The older you get as a player, more valuable these breaks from everything get. If you play in the finals, the break between the end of playoffs and training camp is not a long one, so need to find a way to rest and recharge batteries for everything to start again. This upcoming off-season and year in general is a different one for me, season 59 will be my last one. I have decided to play one more year and then focus on something else than playing hockey professionally on the absolute top level.




Not saying I could not play bit longer if it was purely about skill and wanting to play hockey, but I would be lying if I said the past few years has been easy on my body, I have never been a huge fan of the first few days of training camp, but these days I absolutely hate them - I honestly feel like I´m going to die soon, it´s just impossible to bounce back after a short rest period and then go back to working out like crazy. I don´t have it in me anymore.


But one more year and I will give my best to get back into shape after sitting on my ass for few weeks, so when I´m looking back at this season ten years from now, I can say that I tried my best - there is not going be what ifs or anything like that, I gave my all to be ready for the season and when the time to play came  - I was ready. Totally different thing if that is enough for solid season on personal level, game of hockey in VHL is not exactly a game for old players, but I will be ready when the work starts again.





Just in case someone is wondering where I´m at right now, I´m back in Finland and at my summer home somewhere near the city of Tampere. This is the place where I come after every season, only place I can truly relax in and turn everything off. Combination of Finnish summer and being back at home does it, more than likely will come here when my playing days are over in VHL - at least for the summer to think about my next move.


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