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Claimed: Another Long Offseason [1/2]


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New York Americans center has not been too happy. After another season over, the long wait till puck drop has him anxious to get going again. He is ready to start up in what he hopes will be a much deeper post season run next year. 

They made it past the wild card, but were quickly disposed of by the cup champs Riga Reign. With the loss of 4 players, in the offseason there is some cause for concern. In a much deeper league now, the lack of depth will need to be addressed quickly.


The Americans have the assets, and they hope they can turn them into a strong team ready to contend. The Americans are not the only contender, with questions marks going in. Toronto and Riga will have big holes to fill with retirement aswell, and their core players well not old have not all progressed as much as they would have hoped. It is time for the American young stars, Keller, Komarov, Jones, Rayne to really step up to the plate and help establish the Americans as the threat everyone sees them for the next few seasons. 


Mcknight has serious potential, and should compliment, Keller and Komarov very well. The biggest question mark is, Muller who seems to not be progessing as much as the team had hoped bringing into question how big a role he will have going forward with the team. Jones, and Rayne will form along with Volkov a very talented defensecore that can match uo against the best of them.


The Americans, need to take a step forward and to do that they need to add a veteran or 2. They do not really need anymore young raw talents, though if the fit does not make sense they will take another young budding star. It is going to be an interesting story for a team that needs to take the next step year 3 of the retooled roster. In this league, that puts them right into the stage where they need to start contending. 


The next few seasons are what they call the window. The GM has a tough task to upkeep, and now is the most important time not only to manage egos but salary. It is going, to be a fun task and one i Komarov admits he does not envy. He has trust, in his GM that he can help this team take the next step as they look forward not only this season, but the next few as well. He realizes that the unexpected retirement of Fujimoto, and McQuack that the plans have likely changed on who they are searching for. 


He has gone, quiet till recently but knows he himself needs to get back on track. He has 5 more seasons left to capture a cup, on what he hopes also has the potential to be a hall of fame career, that had a rather mediocre year last season. With changes to the league, he feels now is the time to strike.

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Just now, Gooningitup said:


Well Seattle is likely the team to beat next year. Best of luck after struggling for so long seems youve put the pieces together now 

Heh, won't be the team to beat. That torch will be going to @DollarAndADream whenever he logs on and accepts the deal. 

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