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Press Conference Rules


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All players can earn up to 2 Capped TPE per week through Press Conferences, by way of any combination of the following:

  • 1 TPE for asking 3 unique questions in any team or other players press conferences
  • 1 TPE for answering 3 questions in your own team or player press conference


Asking questions to podcasters will count towards your 5 unique questions.


General Managers will be allowed to post 5 questions in a topic (which will be pinned) each week for their team to answer. This is not mandatory for GM's to do and only players on a GM's team will be allowed to answer these questions. 


While questions should be generally league related in some way, Press Conferences questions are intended to be answered from a players perspective and as such we are not opposed some degree of off-topic questions in order to allow members to build up a narrative around their players. However, if we see consistent nonsensical questions being asked by a particular member we reserve the right to direct them to ask more relevant questions.


We don't expect full paragraph answers to every single question, however reasonable effort (a few sentences) should be put into these. These are meant to be fun and easy activities but one word answers will not be acceptable. 


Intentionally antagonizing questions should be avoided; if you're going into certain members press conferences week after week with the purpose of starting a fight, you may be suspended from participating in Press Conferences. 


Finally, @DollarAndADream will be in charge of Press Conferences as a whole. If he feels someone is not putting the effort in, asking poor questions, or abusing the system in any way, he has the authority to give people warnings and ultimately suspend them from participating if they continue misusing the system after being warned.

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