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Claimed: Season 60 Draft Class is Heavy on the Beef [1/2]


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Rumors of the VHL's demise have been proven to be vastly overblown, as the Season 60 Draft class is already filling with many standout candidates. Players from around the globe are coming to the VHL with aspirations of not only playing professional hockey, but to leave a mark on the game for generations to come. The brightest spot might turn out to be the defenseman, as the class is already 4 players strong and still has time to grow. 

One character is Billy Pilgrim. A hard forged New Yorker who eats, sleeps, lifts, drinks, breaths hockey. He recently incorporated boxing and yoga into his workout routines to hopefully round out his body control. His work ethic is intense, though maybe too focused as he was several hours late to his media day interview, hopefully that intense focus does not distract from time needed to be spent in the film room which is equally important to the weight room at the next level.

We have one player who is still a little bit of a mystery in Moholt. He would seem to have some intense pedigree however, as Max Mølholt was one of the finer players to ever have played in the VHL. Max only had one season where he posted a negative plus minus, and in his eight seasons in the VHL he scored one hundred points or more six times, with a high of 145, and posting one season with 63 goals scored. Max was a forward, typically playing right wing, and Moholt is a defenseman, but surely that pedigree will pass along some success for this incoming player.

Noel Roux is another incoming player from Canada that definitely has some pedigree, and might be the most well polished defenseman the draft has seen in some time. The scouting report has him well above average on the patrolling the ice in front of the goalie, and he has showed some flashes when given opportunities to put the puck into the opponents net. He may have a less balanced skillset at the time of the draft, but given time to develop, he is only 17 after all, he has the ability to show up in the evening highlights right away for whatever team he finds ice time with.

Lastly is another unlikely hockey standout from Ireland, Bastion Mac Finscèal. His parents must have known he would be a defensive standout in some sport as they named him after the fortification rather then the typical shortening of Sebastian, but he has fully lived up to that name. By no means is he ready to compete with the best the VHL has to offer, he probably has the most room for growth of any of the Season 60 draft class, not just defenseman. That being said he has proven his ability to set a presence in his teams defensive zone that is disruptive and tactic altering for opponents. He joins The Charm as another standout from the Emerald Isle that lacks many of the development opportunities for ice hockey that many other countries have, but where there is the will, there is a way. The Charm is currently with the Yukon Rush putting the work in and carving his own path through the league.


Edit: My apologies hockey fans, as I somehow overlooked another quality defenseman in the upcoming class, "Mad Max" Rockatanksy. Be sure to check out his media spot but in short, another unlikely country to develop a top hockey prospect, he is an Aussie. Having dominated the Perth Hockey League and drawn attention from American scouts, Max brings another voice, another unique history to the table for whatever team lands this prospect going forward. His experience leading a professional team at such a young age is sure to pay dividends, as he should be able to keep his wits about him when things are not going smoothly. Like the title states, this class is HEAVY with the beef.

As with previous classes this crop of draftees is hungry to play and prove that they are capable and belong in the highest levels of hockey in the world. I like forward to seeing where these players are drafted and how their careers pan out. 

Until next time readers, Have a Blast! 
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