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Aleksei Federov Press Conference


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:sea:Aleksei Federov PC:sea:

*For Aleksei Federov


Federov walks up to the podium, rather chirper despite recently losing in the cup finals. He shrugs his shoulders,

"It's the best we've been. It's a step in the right direction. Now to answer your questions". 




Week of: Feb 12-18


Questions Asked: 5/5 = 1 TPE







Answers: 0/5

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  • Commissioner

1. Your team unfortunately had to blow it up this season it appears. Is Seattle still planning on competing or was the cap simply too much to handle?

2. If the VHL were to put all it’s players into 1 draft pool, who do you think the top 5 picks would be?

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How excited are you for the upcoming season?


Do you think the development of your players is enough to overcome the loss of Fook Yu and Fabio Jokinen, and overtake Riga for the mantle of best team in the league?


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