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Adam Warlock Biography [1/2]


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Adam Warlock BIO - A tale of sadness, triumph and lastly, Jardy.



Picture of Jardy, the farmer who lent Adam Warlock a hand in his later years.



Adam Warlock is a story that needs to be told and the reasonings vary from far and wide. It's a story with a lot of disaster, sadness and moments where it seems almost too dark to shine light. Yet, somehow, the story ends up positive, bright and resounding with success, strength and prosperity. For Adam Warlock, life wasn't always what you see on your big screen when you turn on the Ottawa Lynx games in the Victory Hockey League. It wasn't always seemingly easy, full of scoring major playoff goals, cashing in big pay cheques, a lavish lifestyle full of anything you wanted (which includes beautiful women) and a what seems like an endless supply of smiles whenever Warlock steps on the ice. No, life wasn't always this way for him. Fittingly, he's a Canadian boy and was born in raised in the poorer parts of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He was the only child to his parents, whom both worked as labourers at a local mill on the east side of the city. They resides on the wrong side of the neighbourhood, though it wouldn't have mattered as they would have been able to save up all their nickels and dimes to afford anything better. Despite trying their very best, life never seemed to come through for them. Adam was their 3rd child, having lost their first two children during child birth. They loved Adam, but it was always hard moving forward. Everyday they went to work - to the same old plant, collected the same old, lower than average pay stubs and continued to live a below average, Canadian lifestyle. While they loved Adam and wish they could give him the world, they knew it would never happen and this only worsened situations at home. It was 5 years before Adam was born and a few months after they lost their second child that his parents started to drink. It started off small, a beer here and a beer there to cope with stress. Eventually, it increased.


Now, don't get the wrong idea. They weren't abusive and loved Adam very much. The provided for him the best they could, but unfortunately, were unable to handle the stress which life had dealt them. Being so young, Adam never noticed, absorbed or understood what his parents were doing, nor going through. As he aged, went to school and heard the whispers among the lockers and classrooms, he started to learn, started to see and it started to affect him. Everyday he'd come home, his parents already there from either a night shift or a day shift. His mom would be smoking a cigarette at the table going over the bills and his dad would be having a beer in the living room, watching some form of sport on the television. Same old, like clockwork (especially for his parents), but it was the same thing everyday and eventually it would get to anyone. Though, he often handled it the best he could. He grew up strong and he grew up fast because, well, he had to. He'd come home from school, grab a quick, small bite to eat and then head off to his bed room, door shut behind him and start his nightly studies. He seen what it was like to live a poor, difficult life and swore it every night when he wrote in his journal that he would never be this way. Not because he was embarrassed of his parents, or ashamed or even angry at them for that matter. Simply because he seen the hurt in the household and seen the difficulties. You can become what is problematic and destructive, or you can take it in, absorb and learn from it. This is what he wished and what he had become.


As he aged and continued to attend the local neighbourhood school, his grades only continued to get better. If he received a 85% on a test, the next test he studied until he was confident that he would get 90% and so on. He reached donors every year throughout his middle and senior schooling and always did it alone. He'd come home, eat and then off away to study. It wasn't until his 7th year of school, or really his first year of junior high, that he met his friend Luke. Oddly enough, and very original in this story or any alike, their up bringing were very similar. Without going into too much detail, Luke's father had left his mother when they were younger and despite any effort and what not, she always seemed to find herself in a down spiral with negative coping habits. At the start, they were friends but nothing too close. eventually, after study sessions and hang out sessions at the local arcades and hockey rinks, they grew closer (especially after learning about one another). After enough times of hanging out, they made a packed that they would be different and do whatever it took to better themselves. They started in school and only began to grow from there. 2 years later and being regulars at the local rink for so long, they made it their goals to lace up the skates and play on a  hockey team. After a summer long of collecting and distributing new papers together, the boys collected up enough money to join a hockey team in the 9th year. 


They played and they played and despite joining late, just like everything, they eventually grew and got better. In fact, there determination and strength started to show off on their parents, who even managed to make it to their games, clean up and be presentable. Each of their parents noticed their children, how hard they worked and their positivity and started to thrive off it themselves. Soon enough, their parents were at every game and this never stopped until high school had finished and their futures became undecided. Both put applications out to numerous schools, because as you all know, you never know which will say yes and which will say no. Luckily for the two, they had many options and a lot with the same as to what they other had to choose from. They chose to go to the university in Ottawa and while there, also managed to nab a spot on the Ottawa varsity team and get a couple scholarships. During their time there, they also encountered something truly creepy and odd, but at the same time a blessing. They met a man named Jardy, who happened to be a creepy, old and obese farmer that grew plums and pumpkins, and bred kittens for a living. He took them into his old, rickety and rustic farm and the 3 lived happily ever after.


1 year later and after sometime of living on Jardy's farm, Adam Warlock was drafted into the VHLM - fast forwarding, was drafted by Toronto and is officially, as of the off-season, part of the Seattle Bears organization. Where his future goes, who knows. Is he the dominant player he used to be? No, not close - but he can be, might be and if he has anything to do with it, will be. 

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