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Bastion Mac Finscèal Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Bastion Logan Mac Finscèal


6' 230lbs

Birthdplace: Minnesota
Home: Dublin, Ireland


Bastion has an very non-traditional path to the VHL. Growing up in Ireland his exposure to hockey at an early age was limited, but once he found it he took to the physical nature of the sport quickly. He went to a hockey academy and played some European junior league before getting an invite to the VHLM draft. A dominating defensive mindset is what he has brought to the rink for every team he has played for.


Physical Presence: From his first time on skates Bastion has been a force. Always looking to make a statement hit, wandering into his zone without knowing where he is is a dangerous proposition. He is not the tallest of defenders, but he is as stout as they come, and his focus on strength training shows whenever he goes toe to toe with opponents.

Enforcer: Along with his obvious physical play, Bastion will drop the gloves when needed. If you take a cheap shot at his captain center, you better be ready to throw down with the son of a legend. Rarely does Bastion leave the rink bloody, and he still has a full set of teeth, something many of his opponents cannot claim. He will still help the man up afterwards, but messages need to be sent, and Bastion is the hound to do it.

Calm: Though he plays with a physical presence and he is likely to defend his teammates, he is not a hot head. His hits are calculated, not reactive, and it helps his discipline on the ice. Constantly facing higher level's of talent he knows he has to think more on the ice and a temper will only distract him. What he lacks in talent, he makes up with a focus and calm demeanor that let's him see the defensive zone in slow motion.



Shooting: Bastion has a lot of room for growth in the offensive zone. He is not often a threat to score on his own, and his focus on defense often distracts from his responsibilities on the other side of the blue line. Like any high level hockey player, he can handle the puck, but drilling the back of the net is something he has not shown a high penchant for doing.

Finesse: Square pegs round holes. Bastions tool belt is quite sparse, and finesse is a tool he does not possess currently. It hurts his skating and passing some, and makes it seem like he is out of place at times. This is part of his needed development and time in a system will certainly help him with getting comfortable with his role on a team. Until then, it is all physical all the time.

Leadership: Some see his calm and collected demeanor as a lack of fire, and definitely he has had teammates in the past complain that Bastion doesn't seem dedicated. It could not be farther from the truth, but he lacks the outward charisma that most people look for in a leader. Maybe when he feels more comfortable in the VHL he will develop that like he did playing for the Irish National team, but until then he is going not going to be the captain of many squads.

We at Polygeekism Sports Agency(PSA) are confident that Bastion will grow to be a key piece on championship caliber teams, and his prowess as a defenseman is going to make any goalie more comfortable when the opposing team is attacking. Keep an eye out on the upcoming draft and don't miss out on your chance to bring this quality player and quality young man into your organization!


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