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Claimed: For Mac Finscèal Sports is a Family Affair [1/2]


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Johnny McRadioMan: Thanks for joining us this afternoon Bastion. I know you are waiting for the VHLM draft tomorrow night. What are you going to be doing tomorrow?
Bastion:  Thanks for having me on Johnny. I am definitely excited for the draft tomorrow, and though it will be late, my family and I convinced a pub here in Dublin to stream the event. It is going to be a late one, but we are excited to watch the draft and see where I might end up starting my VHL career.
J: You are such an interesting prospect being from Ireland. The Charm is also from the Emerald Isle, do you know him?

B: No I do not know him very well. Our paths have crossed a couple times, back in youth league here in Ireland and than briefly in European juniors, but for the most part I do not know him. Hopefully I can catch up with him over a pint sometime in Dublin, since you know, we can get served at 18 here.

J: He was also a defenseman. What about Ireland do you think fosters that kind of player?
B: They do not call us the fighting Irish for nothing, haha. Really though, Irish people have a lot of times had success in sports and otherwise not because they naturally outclassed everyone in talent, but through toughness and persistence that allows them to outlast their opponents. I know I got that from my otherwise American parents, but growing up player Hurling and field hockey I believe those same things were fostered in my sports journey.
J: I tried watching some of that hurling and Gaelic Football, I have no idea what is going on there. I will stick to Football and Ice Hockey, much more straightforward to me. Speaking of football, or American Football specifically, you're brother just signed with the Michigan Wolverines as a running back. Impressive that two Irish brothers find success in American sports leagues.
B: I am super proud of my older brother Liam. He was a standout here in Ireland as a rugby player, and apparently football teams are scouting rugby players somewhat heavily now and he got a couple calls. It will be a harder transition for him since playing in pads is much different than without, and all the rules in that sport. I prefer hockey, just let us play you know?

J: Very true. How are your parents dealing with you both possibly being stateside? Are they going to stay in Dublin?
B: Honestly I do not think they have decided yet. I know that I want to spend my offseason back in Ireland, so I imagine we will keep a house there, but my dad especially wants to watch us play. They will definitely follow us around when they can. It has been a couple years since they have visited the States anyhow, so they can visit all their family and friends that still live here.
J: Do you think you will make it into the VHL? What might you do if hockey doesn't pan out?
B: Quite direct there Mr. McRadioMan.

J: I ask the tough questions around here. It is not always a softball.
B: Truthfully, right now I do not have one. I went to a hockey academy for high school and have no other education right now. Maybe I will end up going to college or something but really I am all in on hockey. Keeping my strength up is tough, the only time my dad ever weighed this much was when he was fat, so I have to stay 100% on my exercise and diet routine. I don't take plays off and I know that helps my value even if I am not the most talented player on the ice.
J: Thanks a lot for joining me this afternoon Bastion. It was a pleasure talking to you. Good luck in the draft, and good luck with your career.
B: Thanks Johnny. I look forward to playing in the VHL.


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