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Pilgrim vows renewed focus, revenge


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     The Season 59 VHL draft has come and gone, and Billy Pilgrim, the eighteen year old American defenseman, has found himself without a team. “I thought I would wind up somewhere” Pilgrim stated when asked about the snub “But there is not much you can do about it now.”

     Getting that call on draft day was a long shot for the young prospect, but that doesn’t mean being passed over is any easier. “I thought I had done enough to prove myself, I was hoping someone would take a flier on me, give me the chance.”

     When asked why he felt he was not drafted Billy acknowledged he has a lot of room for improvement “I know I have a lot to work, need to improve every aspect of my game to compete In this league at the level I want to.” 

     “This has really humbled me in a way, I gladly accept the challenge of proving myself to be worthy of a spot on a VHL in the upcoming months. I am so motivated, and I will be working harder than ever.” Pilgrim told reporters outside of his training facility. 

     Billy also has some words of warning for VHL gm’s. “One team will draft me eventually, and I will make every other team in the league regret that it was not them.”


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claimed week ending 2/18

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1 hour ago, HellBillyXIII said:

Breaking News!

      Billy Pilgrim has fired his agent, effective immediately, for failing to file his paperwork to declare for the season 59 VHL draft. 

      “I am extremely dissapointed, I trusted him.” Pilgrim dejectedly stated. 


Dont worry you will be drafted tommarrow ;) the more active and more TPE the higher you will go ;) 

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