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Claimed: A Day In the Life Of... [1/2]


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  *This is part one of a three part weekly series


 A New Day Has Begun


      It is 5:30 AM. I was supposed to be here at 6:30 but Billy Pilgrim’s father called me this morning to let me know his son was getting an early start to the the day. It is a cold, crisp New York morning and I am sipping a coffee in a barn on the Pilgrim family farm. There are a few occupants, four horses and about a dozen goats, and one of the most rudimentary gyms I have ever seen cobbled together. Visions of Rocky Balboa training for his fight against Ivan Drago come to mind. 

     Before I can slip too deep into the fond memories of one of my favorite movies the barn door opens and in walks Billy Pilgrim. He reaches out to me with his bear paw sized hand and grabs my own. I nearly collapse in pain from his grip. “Good morning!” he exclaims. “I just finished breakfast!” he says, as he messily eats what looks like a mutant sized turkey leg. 

     Billy expains to me that during the off season, due to his intense training regimen, he has to eat constantly to avoid losing weight. “Six thousand five hundred calories a day! Sometimes at night if I have been too busy lifting or skating or whatever I have to eat a quart of ice cream. It sounds great, but it’s not.” Sixty five hundred calories a day, two hundred twenty five pounds, and not an ounce of fat on him. It’s hard to argue with results. 

     “I have sparring at ten” Pilgrim states “time to get started.”

     And with that I was no longer present. It was just Billy Pilgrim and his ambition. Headphones in, Billy picks up one of the largest medicine balls I have ever seen. He plants his shins under black leather covered leg holsters and leans his body back onto the bench at a forty five degree decline. He starts immediately, holding the ball to his chest and doing standard sit ups. After a few sets, seperated by less than ten seconds each, he repeats the process but includes a twist in both directions at the end. Pilgrim again does a handful of sets of these and then pauses for less than a minute. Next he raises his shoulders about ninety degrees off the bench and strikes a hold, face turning red, dripping sweat in the freezing barn. 


Billy sizing up the tremendous lift he is about to put up


     As I watch Billy load weights onto the long bar placed on his squat rack it is hard to not notice how limber the big man looks. He is very lean and svelte for someone his size. He does cardio several times a week, and has more longevity than most men his size as well. He has gone through several sets with small amounts of weight, adding more every set, and now has placed an extremely intimidating amount of iron plates on the bar. Nearly five hundred pounds. The kid is eighteen years old. 

     Pilgrim approaches the bar giving off a thousand yard stare. He has a look in his eyes I can best describe as absent. It is almost like he has let some outside force take control. What I am watching is a man who is reaching within amd dragging out something that very few possess. The super athletes, the virtuosos, the tech wizards, using a resolve we do not possess, summon a will like we will never know, and make themselves accomplish things a very select few ever could. Greatness is the outcome of the culmination of this frenzy, and I am in the thick of it. With one confident nod Billy stoops under the bar, places it on his shoulders, and with a snarl lifts it up off the rack, and he makes it look easy. 


Word count - 654

Claimed- week ending 2/18


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15 minutes ago, Beaviss said:

I’m loving your articles so far keep it up! If you keep doing this kind of work you will be one of the higher draft picks next draft! Maybe 1st overall!? 


Thanks! Looks like you have a center that will be up in that draft too, eh?

Edited by HellBillyXIII
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Just now, HellBillyXIII said:


Thanks! Looks like you have a center that will be up in that draft too, eh?


Nope but I’m a general manager with 4 1st round picks next draft ;) 

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