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Klutch King Kiaskov'$ Press Conference

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1. I think Beave's transition from the Lynx to the Meute will be a smooth one. He's gained some valuable experience from the last three years as a GM, and obviously winning a cup this past season and coming close the year before says something about his ability. As a new GM he's definitely a quick study and to say I'm happy about his graduation to Quebec and me playing for him is an understatement.


2. Well everyone knows Quebec is lacking in pretty much all areas and its going to take awhile for our team to be competitive. But with Beave manning the ship, finding the right pieces for the team and hopefully the few of us migrating from the Lynx being able to make an immediate impact, I believe in 2-3 seasons we can at least be competitive if not playoff bound.

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Well Ty that's a tough question to answer. My teammates and I had a stellar season last year with the Lynx, but now I'm playing in the big league. Hopefully this past seasons success playing with my teammates will carry over with to Quebec. I would hope for 30-35, realistically though my guess will be around the 22-25...so just over the 20 goal mark if all goes well.


To answer your questions Beave, If I were a GM/Coach the defensive aspects would be an area I would start with. I truly believe a team is only as strong as its back end, so having solid consistent goaltending and a good defensive core is key to being competitive. Warlock had an outstanding run last year but he can't do it alone. The team needs depth in all areas.

Ball came on really strong during mid season, so he definitely has the skills along with Warlock to contribute offensively. Hopefully I can fill a role that can contribute towards future success for the team.

I would have put my money on warlock again for top scorer.

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Thanks for the question!

Well, deep down I was hoping to have a breakout rookie season after what we achieved last season with the Lynx. I couldn't have had the season I did without having the team mates I had and receiving the excellent  mentorship and support from our coach.


As for my expectations this season, being in the top ten in rookie scoring was where I hoped to be. I had no expectations leading the league in rookie scoring, but the season is still young so anything can happen so let's cross our fingers!


I was hoping for about 20-25 goals this year and if I get 50 points in my inaugural season I'll be happy. Of course I'd like to contribute more but honestly, personal accolades aside its all about the team needs.I just wanna improve so I can contribute to the teams success.

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1. I was one of the people who correctly predicted you to win Top Rookie last season; can I count on you to win Most Improved this season?


2. How much do you need to accomplish in your career to not consider it a failure, or is it just enough for you to have made it to the VHL?


3. How good can Quebec realistically expect to be with QUE G as the starting goalie?

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On 4/17/2018 at 2:07 PM, Beaviss said:

Thoughts on Quebecs draft and off season?


Going into this season what expectations have you set yourself? 



I know you were hoping for 1st over all pick but as far as picks go, I think you have a diamond or two in the rough.

       Vilhjamlmsson so far seems to be projecting as a defensive RW. Hopefully he'll continue working on all aspects of his game.

Goaltender Asipi as of right now needs some time in the minors to hone his craft but I can see him being a future starter. He already has some quick lateral movement and hand speed.

RW Zhields and Goalie Iseult are definitely putting the time and effort in to improve their game so I can see these two joining the Meute in the near future.


First off, I'm concerned of how we play as a team and would like us to be competitive every game. It would be nice for us to reach close to 20 wins.

As for myself, being made Captain is a big responsibility and I'm honoured. Hopefully I can fill the shoes so to speak.

I personally would like to score around 25g/60 points which I don't think is unreasonable. Obviously, the more offensive output the more I help the team.


On 4/20/2018 at 9:23 AM, hedgehog337 said:

How Fook Yu chose a team without a goalie?

Are you scared he's gonna take all your points?

Does Beaviss wants to make playoffs this year?

Are you sad Laflamme retires following this season?

How many seasons before you compete for real?

I think FU  was offered a decent contract and I'm guessing he see's the Meute will be a competitive team in the near future. We're happy to have him.

        Aw no, not at all!  Glad he's my teammate. It'll be great friendly competition competing to be top dog on the team, and it will push me to improve my game all the more. Plus even if he does, I still beat the shit outta him in the S59 All Star Game and that's something he can never take back. Sorry FU!

I think we all wanna make the playoffs, but realistically without solid goaltending it'll be a year or two before we can compete.

       I really wish he would rethink his decision and plan to stay on for a few more seasons. He's more than a capable PM and would be an asset.

Realistically, in 2-3 more seasons.


On 4/20/2018 at 9:26 AM, street said:

1. I was one of the people who correctly predicted you to win Top Rookie last season; can I count on you to win Most Improved this season?


2. How much do you need to accomplish in your career to not consider it a failure, or is it just enough for you to have made it to the VHL?


3. How good can Quebec realistically expect to be with QUE G as the starting goalie?

I appreciate your confidence in me! I'm not gonna make a bold statement and predict I'll win it this year, but I  plan on garnering votes when the time comes for nomination.

        Being able to play hockey for a living is already a win. Obviously though winning cups is the ultimate goal. As for personal goals, career wise I would love to play as long as I can achieving a 1000 or more points and just be an asset wherever I play. Skill wise if I'm not able to compete in the VHL as my career winds down I'd like to finish my time back where I started...The Ottawa Lynx.




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1.) The Meute are a long shot to make the playoffs this season. Is simply improving upon last season's record a team victory this season, or were playoffs the goal?

2.) After being one of the primary shot takers last season, you've taken a backseat to Dragomir and Yu this season. Do you envision yourself as a primary scorer or do you prefer the facilitator roll that you seem to have fallen more into this season?

3.) Veran Dragomir seems poised to keep the Rookie of the Year crown in Quebec City again this season. With Tristan Iseult, Bryce Zhields, and Beau Louth as promising minor league prospects, how soon will it be before the Meute are a serious contender in the VHL?

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Thanks for the questions!

1. Well I can't speak for GM Beave but I predicted our team could reach the 18-20 wins mark this season, and I believe we can achieve that goal. The team only had six wins last year so obviously that's been surpassed. I feel the team as a whole has improved .

2. Last year we lacked the depth compared to this season so I kind of just fell into the role of scorer. But this year Beavis added more offensive players so we pretty much have two lines contributing. So as long as I can contribute I'm happy.

I've never seen myself as the primary go to guy but more of the supportive utility player that tries to give the team that extra boost whenever/ where ever I can. So being made captain, I'm comfortable with the role. I appreciate the confidence Beave has in me.

3. Beavis signed some promising prospects this past draft, and if these guys keep working hard and developing as they are I could see us contending in two to three seasons.

Thank You!

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1. Are there any teams in the VHL that you currently dislike at the moment?

2. What kind of player is next after this one?

3. What awards do you want to win with this player?

4. How happy were you when Quebec City won the lotto?
5. If you could pick one person in the VHL currently to team up with, who would it be and why?

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1. Not really, other then the fact I dont like that all of em are ahead of us in the standings except the Legion.

2. Well I'm debating if I'll continue the game after this player, but if I do it'll be a hard hitting/checking/fighting SAHD.

3. Kiaskov's already off to a good start with winning a cup with the Lynx, being named playoff MVP as well and now last year winning VHL's rookie of the year.

Obviously I want cups but personally I'd love to dominate for best two way forward, best faceoff %, most hits and most fights.

4. Well I believe we had second pick? I had confidence in @Beaviss securing some good future draft picks and I think he's done a great job, esp with G Tristan Iseault.

5. Hmm, good question! I don't really have a player of choice bit maybe someone like Komarov or MoFo Sharpe. I like Koma's TWF style of play and the hard nosed style of Sharpe. Plus I need a round two vs Sharpe in the throw down department, he smacked me out our last fight. Next rounds mine!


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1 hour ago, Quik said:

1. Think you have a chance to repeat as Rookie of the Year? :lol:

I'm ten points behind my team mate Dragomir and sixteen away from Canmore. With twenty six games left I guess it is possible but I doubt I will.

Would like to win the most improved and best two way forward! Ahh fuck... I want em all! ?

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1. Thoughts on your season?

2. Thoughts on Quebec's season?

3. What should we expect from Kiaskov next season?

4. Do you think Quebec makes playoffs next season?

5. What do you think the Meute need to add in order to really contend? What moves need to happen? What do you think happens?


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1. From a personal perspective, I've exceeded my expectations.

     I wanted to improve upon my rookie season contributing more

on the score board and improving my face off %, and I've done that. Hitting new highs in goals, assists, points and face offs felt great. I really didn't expect to hit 76 points but I had picked it up the

last ten games or so. Having a great group of team mates to play with was also a big factor in my success so they deserve some of the credit.


2. I had predicted around 18 to 20 wins and we surpassed that so it was a bonus.

We actually lit up the score board as much as Riga and I believe Calgary. The only difference was that they had a starter in net. Not to say our goalies didn't play well, it's just that they don't have enough experience at this level. Next year will be different with Isealt and Asippi.


3. More of the same but I hope to

improve upon my all around game so I can contribute even more.

     Off topic, I believe this year Ball has a chance to win most improved with Dragomir in the running for rookie of the year and lastly hopefully I can garner a few votes for top two way forward. I think Komarov won it last year and I'd love to steal away some of the votes.


4. I'm hopeful that we can fight for at least 6th spot going on how we performed this season. With Shieldz and Iseault playing up and

the rest of us working hard, I'd even say we can compete for 5th place.


5. Well, I already think we're on the right path. We definitely need solid goaltending and I think thats

coming. We have more offence in Shieldz to add to the mix, and knowing Beave he'll do well this draft. Maybe some movement through trades? I don't know.

    Personally I hope Beave picks up another defence man or two and maybe adds another tough scoring forward. Only time will tell.

Hey, thanks for the interview much appreciated!


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