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Finally out of the abyss [1/2]


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Strong Season 59 draft leading to hope in Davos



The 59th VHL season is getting closer and closer with each passing day. The World Cup is currently ongoing and it looks like it could be a pretty interesting result there. I opnely admit in my 40-50 seasons being apart of the VHL I've never really cared about the World Cup. No idea why just never felt any strong connection to the teams playing there. However I have been tyring to check in this season as much as I can so I am happy to say both my players, Slava Aleksei on Team World, and The Charm on Western Europe have done pretty well relative to expectations. The Charm is one of the worse players in the entire tournament and is playing a third line depth role. Despite that he has a goal which is a nice momentum builder heading in to the regular season with Davos.


The season upcoming should be much like last year in terms of teams who will compete. Riga are likely favorites looking for a threepeat, while Seattle, Toronto and the young Americans will all put up a challenge this year. If I had to rank them, I would put Riga one, Toronto two, Amricans three and Bears four but obviously a lot can, and will, change between now and the end of the season. For  my part, Davos should be, if not better, at least more relevant this year. We will have actives at every positions now which is a change of pace from last season. Ko Kane remains our future on defense while Felix Savard is entering his final non-depreciation season but should be a mainstay for a few seasons. Jokinen is entering the twilight of his career but is still a good second pair guy to have and may be a depth addition for a contender if he chooses to waive his NTC. The battle for the final defense position between Dragon McCragon and the second overall pick Brandon Hood is underway. Both are similar players while Hood is a season younger. Botjh are part of my long term plans and although Jardy has been busy with life recently he should still have a solid VHL career. If both make the team I will be at 5 defenseman and will maybe need to make a move eventually. Either way my top two guys this season are the same as last, Kane and Savard.


Forwards are looking, for the first time, at least interesting. We have Charm, Bassolino and Elias Sobeck making the jump this year. All three forwards will probably at least start the season together to see if we can't develop something looking like chemistry with them. They all play the same position at centre but for now the important part is getting them together and seeing what they can look like. Jeff Gow is returning and although he has been a bit of a bust so far, he still is a 300 TPE depth player who may wind up being a cheap key piece in a playoff run. Might look to sign a free agent forward or even move a defender up front, but for now at least we have the outline of our team set.


In net we are returning the same two goalies as last year. Shawn Brodeur is the starter and our star player as far as I see it. He should improve with a much better team in front of him this year. M1stake is a veteran backup who can win us games when we need him to. Not sure if there would be any but with cap hell hitting certain teams he might be trade bait.


will add pictures later

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