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S59 Seattle Bears Captains


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:sea:Seattle Bear S59 Captaincy Announcement:sea:


:sea:Assistant #1 - Shawn Gretzky - @TheLastOlympian07


Not only is he a stronger leader in play on the ice, but he's a huge impactful person in the locker room to. He makes it a fun place to be, leads by example throughout the site and overall, helps the team huge whether it be scoring goals or helping my sorry ass with advice on lines, etc. Easy "A" for us.


:sea:Assistant #2 - Peter Quill - @Green


Maybe a little surprise to some because of his activity level, but behind close doors we know lots of Green's situation and the fact he comes on, logs on and helps the team out for the very sake of helping us out - that's huge to us, man. We appreciate all you do! Easy "A" again.


:sea:S59 Bears CAPTAIN! - Gabriel McAllister - @CowboyinAmerica


Again, extreme loyalty and helped out ass out huge last heart while I was too lazy and cheap to get a normal lap top to do lines beside my girlfriends mac (which can't do lines). Great presence in the LR - been our leader up until now, and will until his last day as a Bear. I can't thank him enough for all he's done and brought to Seattle. Can you guess it? Easy "C".





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