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Otto Axelsson Bio [1/2]


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Otto Axelsson Bio - We hail from Sweden.




Ah, alas, another Swede entering into the great VHL community. It seems as though the Swede's which cross path with the Victory Hockey League come off as a special breed. While they tend to be naturally gifted hockey players with the smoothest of hands and skating, they also tend to be really incredible people. For Otto Axelsson, he honestly could follow this stereotype any greater than he already has. For him, he was born in Falkenberg, Sweden, the beautiful city which is located on the mouth of the Atran river. What this meant for people who resided in or around the city was that there was ample amount of opportunity - whether you chose to be a farmer and work the land, a fisherman and work the river or almost anything else your heart desired in Falkenberg. For Otto's parents, both of them were fortunate enough to come from fishing families, and when marrying one another, they managed to collect a large sum from both sides of their families to start up their own fishing business. While this sum of money wasn't huge - and they did already have a significant amount saved up, it helped them get their name out, buy a few boats and hire a loyal, reliable crew. They worked the waters, catching fish, providing food for the city and an economy to the city and country of Sweden. Typically at years end, they made a good enough chunk of change to live more than comfortably and were able to give their kids and family the love which they had always desired to. 


Growing up for young Axelsson maybe wasn't always easy, but it wasn't truly that difficult either. He lived the normal life of any kid really around the world - playing, laughing, going to school and getting into all the trouble that all little boys tend to get into from time to time. The only difference was that he was a fisherman's child and not just a fisherman's, but one whom owned a company. This meant, along with being a child and living his childhood how he should, he got to spend some days and weekends out on the boat, with his parents and other crew workers, working the sea and learning all about determination and how hard work pays off. Whether it was the allowance he earned by helping out - which let him buy whatever he chose to do, or buy eating the fish he caught that day that was now sitting on the supper table - his parents made sure to teach each of the children at a young age what responsibility was and that if you work hard, it may seem hard, but life becomes easy. Now that we've brought her up a couple times and you're likely left wondering, aside from the two parents, he also had a younger side whose name was Elsa. Without going into it too creepily, because of course - she's his sister, but she had a beauty like no other. Your typical blue eyed, blonde hair Swede girl that would turn the heads of any man walking by. Yet, despite the looks and stereotype that often goes along with them, she could probably kick your ass and was more often than not found out helping her parents on the boats too. 


For them, they each attended the same school and were only a single year apart in age. They attended one of the many schools there and just like their parents taught them about life, they instilled the idea into their schooling as well. The harder you work, the more opportunity that will come your way. The harder you work now, they better you will be in the future and of course, despite it being a family thing, none of them planned to head off into their futures on a fishing boat. Elsa wished to be a nurse, or a doctor, or at the age 7 a princess with pink hair and more gems and diamonds than you could count. For Otto, he wanted to be a hockey player and how could you not? Growing up in a country with the likes of the Sedin brothers (lol), Forsberg, Sundin and so on, the list goes on for a child to idolize and wish to become a legendary hockey player playing in one of the bigger leagues. However, unlike these guys, his eyes were set on the Victory Hockey League. While the NHL was attractive, he really liked the fact that the VHL explored outside of the North American continent and at one point was very interested in playing for the Stockholm Vikings. 


As they aged and school and their lived continued, they each pushed one another to pursue their goals. Sooner than later, they were both entering into high school, both donors students and working towards their dreams. On the outside of things, Elsa was working on extra programs to further her studies and better her chances at getting into one of the stronger schools. For Otto, he was trying his best to collect any and every scholarship and university scouts eyes while he played for the Falkenberg Falcons. During his high school years (3), he played in all of the 3 seasons which were 24 games each as a fiery winger. Each year he highly impressed his teammates, friends, family and other schools teams. He even caught the eye of a few minor league teams throughout Sweden who, of course, were a little higher than his current high school team. In the 72 games, he had 33 goals, 49 assists, which was good for 82 points. He was team captain for 2 of those seasons.


As soon as you could say blink, and/or cheese to the camera on both of their special days, they were graduated and heading off to school. They made it a plan, they've stuck together this far, they'll continue to do so as they both headed off to the University of Stockholm - with Elsa chasing a doctorate program for medicine and psychology and her brother in the hockey program with business management on the side. 2 years later though and plans change. Otto got a phone call from VHLM scouts saying they want him to come and have the chance to show them what he had. Of course this being his dream, he said good bye to his family, boarded a plane and is now planning for the Seattle Bears in the VHL (well, he was drafted into the league and has yet to play, but that's a story for another time). His sister is still furthering her education and doing extremely well at it, and his parents have made enough money to buy out the house and save enough that they plan to retire in the next year so they can enjoy their family, take vacations and watch young Otto play in the VHL.


+10 for Otto Axelsson

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