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LaFlamme - Season and Playoffs Presser [1/2]


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LaFlamme - Season and Playoffs Presser




You've likely heard it echoed among any article written about Xavier LaFlamme, but we'll say it one more time just incase you forgot or somehow actually haven't heard yet. He's a player that came into the league with significant promise. His player agent was known to be a little wishy washy and was once caught up in a cocaine scandal where he was caught in the old Stockholm Viking's arena with some marijuana in the men's bathroom, but he always seemed to build decent players throughout his agency. Following suit, LaFlamme started off to a really strong start. In fact, the start was so strong we feel as though a lot of scouts maybe found it too good to be true (which would explain where he was still drafted). Negativity aside though, his start was pretty damn good. As time went on, he began to dip and his activity and effort around the locker room, gym, practices and even games were starting to become more noticeable. For some time, he actually sort of fell off the map and it would be super surprising if the Seattle management wasn't a little alarmed during that period of time. Negativity once again aside, after the spurts of mismatch and shit efforts, it seems as though Xavier LaFlamme is handling things a little better and has started to show the Bears that despite their vision of him becoming a really good player is out the window, he can still be a solid piece in the depth puzzle for the organization.


We have always liked Xavier and have often caught a lot of shit for it, Bears GM Blake Campbell said. More times than not, we had a very select few people around the league saying that one of my biggest mistakes was not moving LaFlamme when we had the chance.Still to this day, the thought comes across my mind and I question it but then I come to terms and I question their reasoning. Right in front of us, we have an enjoyable presence in the locker room who still is a part of our weekly doings. He comes in, is a part of the team and participates in shit that's going on. Every team needs depth players - take a look round the league - look at Riga and what they have. It's really nice to have a semi-young player who is extremely loyal to the organization. Very tough to say if he'd ever go anywhere. We're still very happy to have him a part of the organization.


And as he's stated in the past, Xavier LaFlamme feels very fortunate, appreciative and happy to still be in a Bears uniform. As he's said in the past too, one of the best things in his career was having a whole system - the Bears - not giving up on him and keeping him going. It seems like all of this is starting to pay off for Xavier LaFlamme. While his season wasn't anything, it was a career year for him and a step in the right direction. Now with the total re-roll being announced from league leaders, he's able to reshape how he plays the game and with a little peak at his build, we think he's going to finally turn his career around and start making some pretty significant jumps in the right direction. On top of essentially becoming a new player (and a more effective one at that based off the build), he finally got his first taste of playoffs. During the S58 playoffs, the Bears also went all the way to the finals for the first time in GM Campbell's history, where they lost out to the powerful Riga Reign in game 7. Despite the shit loss and how badly it hurt, it also had to of been pretty special to finally make it that far and to do so with the group of guys they have. For LaFlamme, it likely felt a long time coming. During his 13 games played, he only managed 5 points and wasn't too noticeable on the ice despite playing some serious minutes (slightly over 26 a game).


FINALLY. Man, it felt so cool stepping on the ice in Seattle after we and the team hadn't been in playoffs for so long. The crowd was roaring and while we did have some big time nerves in the locker room, we were pumped the fuck up too. The music was roaring, fans going crazy and stepping out onto the ice with the announcement of our team, holy shit man. I finally realized what it is that we play for, why we do it and why I've been trying for so long - fighting my weaknesses - to find a way to do what I love. Both of the series were great and while I was super happy and excited to be playing in the finals, the Toronto series was a nail bitter and every game left us on the edge of our seats. I know the fans loved it - no matter in Seattle or Toronto - and the boys on the ice did too. I don't know if band loved it all that much but it's part of his job under stress like that.


At the end of the day, I was just happy to be in playoffs. 5 points in 13 games isn't terrible. It's not great but I've done and seen worse. I was aiming more so for 9 points but beggars can't be choosers. We have a really strong, effective and powerful roster here. Even with the changes that have happened, I think we're once again playoff bound and even with the tough teams out there, we can still make it all happen. Riga proved that very well last year and what I think it's going to take is just buckling down, playing some strong hockey and making shit happen. Bana has to be on it with the lines, try some stuff out and figure what works. Find that chemistry - the fire and just roll with it.


Next seasons going to be big for me. This is something I feel really strong about and can promise fans. I really want at least 50 points next season and feel it happening. 


Claimable for weeks:

Feb 12th to 18th

Feb 19th to 25th

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