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Ambrose Charizard was recently drafted 10th overall by the reigning VHLM Champion Ottawa Lynx. In a recent interview with ESPN, Charizard spoke about the importance of being on a competitive team and the way he views the VHLM.



I told everyone prior to the draft that I wanted to play for a winner. For some teams that raised a red flag and allowed me to be there at tenth overall. The player agency I have signed with has produced one number one overall draft pick in the past and I know that I am going to be the second one. Ottawa seems like a team ready to do what it takes to win and that's the type of culture that I want to be a part of. Being in a minor league system sucks, but I couldn't imagine doing it and being on a team that wasn't winning. This whole VHLM thing is a scam anyway. The VHL just wants to promote guys and try to get their name out there prior to allowing them to play in the big leagues. Season after season, we have seen prospects that were pro ready relegated to the VHLM. It's their business model and it has worked in the past. Well, I don't want to make money for the VHL. I want to make money for myself. There have been too many nice guys in my position over the years. You get the guys that come through here and pretend to be loud, just for the sake of being loud. What I want to do is shock the system. I want to destroy it from the inside out and expose every little knook and cranny of this place. Every skeleton in every closet gets exposed and the league ends up needing to use me as a crutch to keep it afloat. There was a VHL prior to Ambrose Charizard. If they don't do what I demand during my career, there won't be one after it.


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