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Claimed: Concerns Lead to Bjornberg Being Picked Last [1/2]


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Veikko Bjornberg is not happy about slipping in this weeks draft. 



Veikko Bjornberg was supposed to be a very highly touted prospect for the S59 VHLM Draft, however, concerns seem to have emerged before the draft that led to the talented Swede being passed over time after time in this weeks draft. The first round came and went, Veikko wasn't too surprised that he wasn't selected.. he had passed on the opportunity to sign with a VHLM team at the end of last season and this was sure to raise concerns about his commitment. The second round came around, With each selection Veikko would wonder if this would be the time that he was selected, nope. Pick after pick the World Cup star was passed over. The third round arrived.. there were limited options available for VHLM teams at this point and Veikko was questioning why he hadn't been selected to this point. I mean fuckin eh he is the cousin of Victor Bjornberg, bloodlines alone should have led to him being selected at this point. Nope. Every team passed on Veikko again and the Swedish playmaker still was without a team after the third round of the draft. 4th round came and went.. Veikko soon realized that he was the very last player available for the draft. "You have to be fucking kidding me.. are these GM's smoking crack?? Maybe they just have no idea what the fuck they're doing and are shitty as fuck at their jobs Unfucking believable! These idiots have no idea what they're doing!", thought Veikko. Not like they really had a choice but the Saskatoon Wild decided to take Veikko with the only 5th round pick in the draft. Definitely disappointing that so many people could be incapable of doing their jobs but regardless, Veikko was happy to be heading to Saskatoon. 


So why did the once highly anticipated prospect drop in the draft? 


It seems that many VHLM GM's must have questioned the forwards commitment. There could have been concerns that Bjornberg would decide the VHL wasn't where he wanted to be and could possibly follow in his cousins footsteps and join the PHL. These concerns were completely unfounded and show that VHLM scouts are not doing there homework. Never did Bjornberg indicate that he wasn't going to play in the VHLM. General Managers never even bothered to reach out and contact the Swedish star.. It's obvious that these guys are complete shit at their job.


 Could there have been concerns about his size? Veikko stands just 5'10" and weighs in at just 171 pounds. Could there be concerns that his slight frame wouldn't translate to the VHL? There shouldn't be. Veikko has never been afraid to go to the high traffic areas and he uses his excellent offensive instincts and skill to be a highly effective player. Again this is just a case of VHLM GM's sucking at their jobs and not doing enough research before the draft. You would think that with only 21 prospects available that they could do their due diligence and maybe not let Veikko fall to the very last pick of the fucking draft! 


O.K., rant is over. In summary All VHLM GM's suck really bad at their jobs. I can't wait to light up the score-sheet against all these stupid ass teams for the rest of my minor league career.


- Veikko Bjornberg 


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@nikkurri17 I wouldn’t say they are bad at there jobs.....


Take it as a challenge to prove them wrong I was one of the highest touted Defenceman at the draft my year and I dropped down to the last pick of the 2nd round... 


It’s where you go in the VHL draft that matters..

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