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Oyorra Arroyo Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Arroyo playing street hockey as a child.


Oyorra Arroyo

Left Wing

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Age: 17

Height: 71 Inches

Weight: 177 lbs.

Handedness: Left


Oyorra Arroyo grew up in Culebra, Puerto Rico, playing street hockey with his friends. There wasn't much in the way of ice when he was young, but a broken broom stick and a tennis ball went a long way. Arroyo was first introduced to the concept of ice hockey at age 16, when Cam Russell (General Manager of the Halifax Mooseheads) took a vacation to Puerto Rico and spotted the kid smashing tennis ball after tennis ball into an empty trash can. With promises of wealth, Arroyo agreed to move to Halifax to join the team. While he was inactive for much of the season as he got used to the ice and learned the nuances of the game, he showed high offensive potential, netting 13 goals in limited minutes over the last 20 games of the season. Despite still needing a lot of refinement in his game, his desire for the big bucks made him commit to the VHLM.



1.) The Shooter's Touch

If there's one thing Arroyo can do well, it's shooting the puck. He has a natural talent with the stick and can make a shot from anywhere on the ice. His pinpoint accuracy leaves even the most talented players speechless; you can call out any spot on the net and he'll place it right there. In addition, despite his small structure, he puts so much mustard behind his shots that even the sturdiest goalies tense up a bit when on the receiving end of the puck.


2.) Quickness

What he lacks in size, Arroyo makes up with speed. While he's still a bit rough on the ice, when he gets going he's like a blur in the rink. Arroyo has spent a lot of time training his on ice agility, learning how to turn quickly and make the swift cuts necessary to be a success in the VHL. Knowing that he's still not fully comfortable on the ice, it's scary just how much of a terror Arroyo will grow into once he masters the rink.


3.) Youth & Aptitude to Learn

What might be the most fascinating thing about Arroyo is his youth. At just 17 years old, Arroyo has already drawn rave reviews not only for his shooting but for how fast he has adapted to the ice. 3 on 3 street hockey is not nearly the same as ice hockey, but after just one season in Halifax he has learned a lot about the game and has shown an tremendous top end potential.



1.) Lack of Experience

The biggest knock on Arroyo is simply his lack of experience on the ice. He has only played on the ice for one year so far, and many of the more intricate rules of the game are a mystery to him. He also has a shoot first mentality, looking to take the shot any time he touches the puck. It will take some time for him to learn when passing may be the better option. He also has not shown much interest in playing defense, a major red flag when it comes to recruiting complete players.


2.) Undersized

Clocking in at just 5'11" and 177 lbs, Arroyo is one of the smaller players out on the ice. This makes it tough for him to dig out a presence on the ice. He is very vulnerable for opposing defenders to knock him down or check him into the glass. He lacks the upper body strength to really fight back, and until he masters his ability to evade opponents on the ice, he is little more than a sitting duck for defenses to tee off on.


3.) Language Barrier

One of the most overlooked aspect about Arroyo is his potential communication issues with the rest of his team. While he is working on his English, the Puerto Rican native still tends to default to Spanish in most situations. Speaking  with the assistance of a translator during practice or during a media event is not a big deal, but when you can't effectively communicate with your teammates in fast paced situations on the ice will be a detriment to the team.

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