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Claimed: A Sit Down with Pilgrim [1/2]


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Home of the Yukon Rush


     Less than one week after the completion of the VHLM draft I find myself sitting in an outdated diner that stands next door to the home arena of The Yukon Rush. I am listening to the locals as I wait for Billy Pilgrim and the topic of the day just so happens to be the home team. These are fans who know the game of hockey, and love it. Amongst the chatter ot becomes clear that the fans are excited for the arrival of a new young defensive prospect, Noel Roux. They talk about their expectations of Roux, the coaches, last season. Unmentioned, however, is the the 2nd round pick of the Rush, Billy Pilgrim. Billy has always been the big man on campus, figuratively and literally, so stepping into the role of the unknown rookie is new ground for the 18 year old New York native. Despite all this when Billy walks into the diner, hair still wet from his post practice shower, he is greeted with smiles, cheers, and high fives. The rookie explains he loves this place because there is always a fan willing to pick up his tab. 


(HellbillyXIII) Hey Billy. This is a big adjustment for you, coming from being top dog then instantly your kind of low man on the totem pole. How do you cope with that?

(Billy Pilgrim) It isn’t hard. I always felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything yet, that’s how I stay hungry, so I am comfortable with it. I know that anything I’ve done up to this point no longer matters, and I have got to come in and pay my dues. Im totally ok with that. I’m even looking forward to the challenge. 


(HB) Word is you're doing very well so far, and your coaches seem to be enamored with your work ethic. You have always been known adms a hard worker, and a good player, what do you expect to contribute to the Rush this upcoming season. 

(BP) Whatever is asked of me. If they want me to play 4 minutes or 24 minutes a game, I will be ready to do what is needed. I do expect to contribute immediately, and as far as season expectations go I always play to win, so anything less than a VHLM championship will be a disspointment. 


(HB) I’ve heard your old school training techniques have gained you some notoriety around the facility, any chance your going to go modern with your training now that you have world class facilities and equipment at your fingertips?

(HB) Well, kind of yes and no. I’m eating egg whites and grapefruit now, instead of my usual fried eggs and bacon, so I am definitely doing what the team trainers ask of me, but they understand I got here doing things a certain way, so they kind of let me be in some regards. There is something so satisfying about doing things the way our grandparents did them. It feels right. 


     At this point a young lady approaches Billy with 2 young children. Billy seems as excited to meet them as they are him. He talks hockey with the kids, laughs, takes pictures and signs autographs. Even if he isn’t taking to everything new about his role here, he seems to be adjusting just fine. 

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