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Bronze-Medal Game: Scandinavia vs. World

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C - Mattias Forsberg @Banackock

C - Peter Quill @Green

LW - Aksel McKnight @Kesler

LW - Ben Green @bgreene21

RW - Verner Reinholdt @Devise

RW - David Kiaskov @Exlaxchronicles



D - Fabio Jokinen @jRuutu

D - Mats Johnsson @Quik

D - Diego Jokinen @Ahma

D - Alexander Thrower @gregreg



G - Torsten Ironside @DollarAndADream

G - Mist4ke @Strtlght


Honourary Captain

G - Ike Arkander @STZ


Good tournament boys! Too bad we couldn't pull off the last-to-first switch, but winning Bronze is still great (and better than silver in tournaments, IMO)! Thanks to the mercs in our line-up, and STZ you were a fantastic ghost, here's your medal :bronze:


Also, STZ, as promised:



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19 hours ago, Beketov said:

Well, that sucks.


Shall we burn his sim version to the ground?




And once it’s burned we should probably construct a Chernobyl like sarcophagus around the remains 



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