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Hinda Dinga Durgern Jr. III Rookie Profile [1/2]


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Hinga Dinga Durgen Jr. III



Basic Information:

Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Height: 6’4

Weight: 215 lbs

Handedness: Right

Age: 18
Jersey Number: 31


Hinga Dinga Durgen Jr. III is a Danish goalie born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Durgen always loved hockey from a young age. Throughout his goaltending career he has always played at exceptional levels, posting under a 2.00 GAA for all his seasons, and over a .910% SV PCT. Although facing a knee injury in his sophomore year of high school, he never flew under the radar and was able to have an exceptional junior season, being offered a contract from the Esbjerg Energy to play on their U-18 team in Denmark. He played an exceptional season there, and was posed on staying in Denmark to play hockey for a few more years. That was until the Saskatoon Wild of the VHLM offered him a contract.



Reaction Time: Durgen has always proved that he has a swift reaction time. Having the ability to make quick decision glove saves, going into the butterfly with perfect timing and exceptional response to the 2 on 1, almost being unbeatable when there is a pass across ice setting up a goal. Durgen combines his quick reaction time with his incredible reflexes to come time and time again making highlight reel saves to keep his team alive and give them a fighting chance.This skill shines bright on breakaways, penalty shots and shootouts, making him a reliable choice for any coach to make in must win scenarios and just everyday games.


Rebound Control: Durgen has shown through the years that he is great at taking away the rebound. Unless making a pad save, he gives up little to no rebounds. On scrambles in front of the net he follows the puck well often taking away those lucky bounces. On Esbjerg he shows that taking away second chance opportunities was a big priority of his and while playing for Saskatoon, it should be expected that he becomes a nearly mistake-free player.


Discipline: Durgen is an extremely disciplined player, learning to respect his coaches and management from a young age. Since he is a goalie he rarely gets in fights, and also does not chirp very often, letting his game do the talking. He rarely takes Delay of Game penalties where he did not make an attempt to play the puck. His teammates always seem to enjoy him, and he is not known for causing conflict in the locker room. Durgen rarely misses practice unless a serious issue arises. He is the embodiment of a disciplined goalie and is a good chance for teams.



Size: Durgen isn’t the biggest goalie out there, he’s not particularly a guy who will take away opportunities strictly by size. He lacks in being able to take away high range shots, while he’s in butterfly and will give up goals often in the space between his side and post. Not to mention the fact he plays near the end of his crease a lot of the time creating scoring opportunities. Luckily this didn’t taint his stats because shots weren’t very accurate while he was a kid. However going against elite competition will test him and with more weight training and a new diet he can make up for his size.


Leadership: Always being known as a quiet one, he’s never really possessed the traits of a leader. If you want someone to rally your players and inspire them at a 2nd intermission to get them back in the game, this is not the guy for the job. He has always been a listener and is usually reserved. He maintains good relationships with his teammates and will sometimes act as a mentor to his fellow goalies, but that is only when he goes out of his way, not a normal occurrence


Style Control: Although being able to follow the puck well in various situations, he really is taken off guard by players who are good with their hands, and who can pull of insane dekes to score goals. This is something he will need to work on as he enters the VHLM as he will be facing more elite company, and you should expect him to keep improving in this category.


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