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Claimed: New Season, New Wild [1/2]


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The draft is over, and the season is fast approaching for the teams in the VHL and VHLM. New faces in new places, and players finally making it on their first professional rosters. The Saskatoon Wild failed to win the play in Wild Card series in season 58 and were in desperate need of a rebuild. The whole roster was turned over, aside from Dimiro Jr, and there is a lot of optimism in the Wild locker room.

The starting line is going to be a challenge to go up against. The forwards are led by Axelsson at center with another highly skilled player is Dragomir on the LW. They are joined by Triscuit rounding out an attacking front that is surely to give goalies and defenses fits. There is a lot of talent in puck movement and shooting here and it should allow the Wild to build leads and allow the defense to play aggressively. Dimiro Jr and Bjornberg are the main movers on the second line, and Bjornberg in particular is motivated to put in a good season. His agent has already heard rumors about a lack of work ethic, and he has encouraged the young winger to hustle every time he is on the ice, success at not only the VHLM level, but the VHL, depend on the effort put in now.

The starting defenders are looking to do just that. McDragon is near-VHL ready, and will patrol behind the blue line with authority and allow Mac Finscèal to punish defenders. Hopefully they can build their chemistry quickly so they can give the talented forwards more opportunities to score. The best offense is a great defense, or something like that and the wild focused on picking up talented young defenders for this season. The second line is ready to prove their place in the VHL as well. Rockatansky is coming from the land down undah, becoming somewhat of a local hero in the small hockey community in Australia. He has a scoring knack that many defenders lack, and will help keep the pressure up during the second line shifts. Goon is well, a goon. He will be looking for perfect sets of teeth to rattle, and his local sponsor of Up North Dental will be pleased with the new business. He may lack finesse, but opponents should note where he is when they find themselves near the net.

Goalie is where the Wild are going to be really green. Fox has proven to be a hard player to motivate. It is yet to be seen if he will translate into having a long career, or fluttering just off the starting line. Hinga Dinga Durgen Jr. III is coming from the Dutch junior leagues and seems poised to develop into a strong goalie. He has some weaknesses, mainly great handling shooters, but lots of potential and the length to really succeed in net. Also, he is my vote for best name, if not on the Wild, but in all of the VHLM.

There is always a lot of competition in VHLM as players are vying for an opportunity to move to the next level, but the Wild have put together a solid roster that looks to be competitive and they hope to make a statement during the playoffs this year and not get sent home before the real tournament begins. Do not forget to check out their pro shop and pick up the latest jersey's and apparel!


Until next time, Have A Blast!

-Polygeekism Sports Agency

588 words, week ending 2/25

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34 minutes ago, Sami K said:

Lets goo boys we are bringing it home this year.


Uhh @Polygeekism what update thread do you have linked to my player shouldnt it be this one 


I used all the player pages from the roster instead of the update pages. When someone completes your updates they will appear on the player page not the update page, AFAIK.

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21 minutes ago, Polygeekism said:

I used all the player pages from the roster instead of the update pages. When someone completes your updates they will appear on the player page not the update page, AFAIK.

Ohh I see my bad thanks

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