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Beketov CoDCast #73 [1/2]


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I’m still sick but that can’t stop the CoDCast train. We’re back in WW2 shootin’ nazis and answering questions from @UZI™ and @Beaviss as well as a few from @DollarAndADream’s Toronto Press Conference questions just to fill time.

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- Yeah, there seemed to be more problems popping up since you and Dev joined the blue team, but I don't think it has to do with you guys either. You both have been doing a great job.

- I'd hoped there would be more people immediately joining through the partnership too. There have been some guys joining right away which is great, and there are probably more eventually coming. I know when I found out about the SBA, I didn't join right away.

- Things are definitely going to get crazy once Toronto, Seattle, and Riga blow it up. They're all getting old, and it's possible all 3 blow it up next season. Most likely all 3 will be blown up by S61, so that's a lot of good players going to the other teams.

- Yeah, I'm not sure about Fortnite or PUBG yet. I do very much enjoy Fortnite, but I don't think I"ve played enough PUBG to judge it too much. I have it on PC but don't play PC games enough.

- For top rookie I picked David Kiaskov. Exlaxchronicles has 400 TPE already. Warlock is up there too.

- I think USA had a good chance from the beginning of the World Cup. DeGrath, Boeser, McAllister, Locke, etc. Scandinavia, yeah we sucked. We had a great round robin and then lost like it was nothing. :lol:

- New York definitely has a goalie set. DeGrath out, Arkander in. Goaltending is definitely a useful player to recreate as a GM player, that's for sure. No worries if you do it yourself, with it being such a big position.

- You can steal the Toronto Press Conference questions for your podcasts any time. Consider them CoDcast questions as well.

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