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Claimed: Davos struggles out of the gate.... again [1/2]


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How much patience will Davos have?


It has been a tough start to the season in Davos with the team on zero points through three games. There was a bit of excitement heading in to the season but that has quickly gone away as it looks like the team is headed for another high draft pick. The next draft is looking like it may have at least some talent in it and more depth which should suit the Swiss team well. However it can't be understated how disappointing the Dynamo have been so far. With three rookies in their first line (The Charm, Joseph Bassolino and Elias Sobeck) people expected a fun exciting team but they have not shown up so far. The team is still very young, with most of their talent being Season 57 to 59 players with a small veteran presence. Alarm bells are not going off yet, but one has to wonder if a shake up is in order? Daryl Dortch, veteran winger who is due to retire soon, has been rumored to have some interest league wide. He is a cheap depth option but time will tell if anyone will give up a draft pick for his services.


The three rookies up front have been very disappointing so far. Sobeck is the only one with a point while the two younger players have zero points. The team has to get them going if they are going to crawl out of the hole they are in right now. The schedule isn't going to do them any favors either since they play Riga and Seattle twice in their next four games. A tough start to the season and not an easy way for the youngsters to get acquainted with the faster VHL action. Second overall pick Brandon Hood has also looked a little out of place at the VHL level with zero points and a minus 4. There is no doubt he will be a top pairing defenseman by the time Davos is competitive, but the frustration is visible. 


Another player who has been surrounded with trade rumors is Jeff Gow. The season 57 first rounder has been a disappointment so far but the team has a quiet confidence in him to find his game again and doesn't want to sell low on a player who could be a game changer for them in the future. He is over 300 TPE now and if he claims welfare he should become a solid depth option in the future. Rumors of Felix Savard being on the market seem to not be true seeing as the star defender has a no movement clause he is unlikely to waive after signing a lifetime contract to be in Davos. Never the less, it hasn't stopped teams from asking and it might become more likely if a team is willing to pay a crazy price to get the Season 55 Quebecois. Davos is testing new lines in practice this week though it is yet to be seen if they will be implemented anytime soon. At practice today they were:


Dortch - Charm - Gow

Pastrnak - Bassolino - Sobeck


Savard - Kane

Jokinen - Hood

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