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Claimed: S60 Draft Preview 1 [1/2]


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Well Velevra has the clear cut number one pick I'd say with his LW Veran Dragomir, it looks like he will be a true rookie starter. Trifecta has created two great goaltenders but has had early retirement issue in the past, that being said his defender Roux looks great so far. The new affiliation really has made this into one of the deepest drafts in a long while with a lot of excitement surrounding players like the Vilhjálmsson triplets and many other leagues imports that make the draft truly something that could change the league long term.

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1 minute ago, Beaviss said:

Thank god someone did this I’ve been missing it

Yeah me too. I was doing it for my own pre-draft research but I thought it need to be on the site.

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1 hour ago, Banackock said:

Sarcasm as Bash said it wasn't good lol

Not that it’s not good, I said I doubt there are 16 VHL players in this draft and the triplets hadn’t even created yet. There still might not be 16

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