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The Many Sigs of Skylar Rift


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While I may have retired Rift early, one thing that always blew me away about Rift throughout his career was just how many various graphics that the very talented VHL GFX members made for him. Some were upon request, but so many were made on the pure creative merits of these gracious members. I have throughout Rifts career been trying to collect all these sigs. I am aware I will be missing a few, particularly any sigs that were related to Calgary or New York.


If any of you happen to still have those, go ahead and share it and I will add it to my collection. I want to thank everyone who was responsible for all these sigs. Users such as Noah!, Boom, Instantrockstar, Koradek, Beketov, CoachReily, Jamie, Squinty, and any other users who made me sigs that I happen to of missed. As little as it may seem the amount of push for graphics for Rift certainly made me more inclined to stick it out longer with him. Here are the works I have collected, and I know I'm missing a bunch as stated.


Seriously guys, thank you so much. You guys are fucking awesome. 















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