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Charizard Learned Ember


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Ambrose Charizard of the Ottawa Lynx has done everything in his power to get a microphone in his hands this past week. Despite his attempts, a press release given to the beat writers for the team barred them from allowing him the privilege of airing any grievance he had. Before, during, and after games the camera attempt to avoid showing Charizard unless he is on the ice. With these rules in place, a video was posted to Charizard facebook earlier today where he finally was able to say what was on his mind. 



It's been far too long ladies and gentlemen. For some reason, the higher ups in this organization think that the words I want to say are not worth putting ink to paper for. They think that I am only looking out for myself and not trying to make this team look great in the public eye. They began damage control before any damage was done. Quite frankly, I'm hurt by it. I'm hurt because when I was drafted tenth overall by this team, I was under the impression that I was going to be the face of this franchise for the upcoming season. I assumed that I would get the red carpet treatment because I was the only superstar that this team had. I thought the would allow me to play my game on the ice and try to score as many points as I can to help us win games. Instead of those things happening, I have felt nothing but weight. Weight that is holding me back from being who I truly am....your future number one overall draft pick. I know it, you know, and they know it. I came to this team as someone that was too good for the VHLM. I've played and excelled at this sport my entire life only to be relegated to a minor league affiliate to "get my feet under me". No wonder the VHL has been experiencing some of their lowest ratings in the past ten years. No wonder the sponsorship deals have started to go more to the individual player rather than the league iteself. No wonder no one cares about the VHL. I came here hoping to change that. I wanted to give this place the savior it needed to resurrect this sport and bring a new wave of fans in. Yet here I am broadcasting live from facebook rather than from a microphone with the VHL logo on it. Shackles have been placed on me as the VHLM hopes to keep me tame while they control damage I haven't caused. The Lynx offense has been built to better suit other players in the line up rather than the guys that shines the brightest when he enters the arena. Still I rise though. With these shackles, with all these things holding me back, I climb up draft boards by the day because people know I am a can't miss prospect. I am the savior of the VHL, but the very thing I am trying to save is wanting to keep me silent. I am not the disease....I am the fucking remedy. 


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