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Recap My Suggestions [1/2]

Da Trifecta

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Nothing says fun without revisiting some peoples ideas right?I'd like to dive back into some of the suggestions that I had previously made for the league. I know some of them but also forget a handful too. I know a bunch of changes have been made since I suggested these and who knows, some things may or may not have been implemented. Oh I also am going to critique some of the moves that were made by the league and see how I think they will pan out for the league as a whole.


How about if the VHLM stays, (hope it does), you don't lose your career years if you stay down another season.


Conclusion: Well it seems as if this hasn't been implemented yet and I am not sure why it hasn't been. Think about it, if someone can't make the cap, why should their career be penalized for it? If they are in the VHLM for 3-4 years, let it not affect their career years. The SBA and EFL do this with their college system, (aka our VHLM), so why can't we do something similar? It only hurts a player if they find out they can't make the cap to come up after the draft and they have to spend another year in the minors and lose out on one career year. That would be shameful to have to only play seven seasons in the VHL compared to eight.


Archetypes (See: SHL, EFL, SBA)


Conclusion: These major sim leagues have bought into the concept, so why can't the VHL? This will make it so not everyone is chasing for a 99 in the same stats. This would level off certain attributes of someone's game and they would be limited to what they can do. Say for example a build maxes out at 90's across the board. You get two strengths which would max out at 99 and you would get two weaknesses which would cap out at 80. This makes things a lot more interesting as GM's would actually have to pay attention to who they are drafting. Sure they can always go BPA but then they have to manage looking at who has better passing to go with their scorers or vice-versa. Point being this would allow GM's to have to do their homework instead of "who has the most TPE".


Replace Most Sportsmanlike and Top Leader


Conclusion: Not sure why this is still a thing. The most sportsmanlike thing just kind of seems like a joke. What does it matter if you were hit the opponent least amount of times. That just goes to show that you built your player correctly. Why should you be able to be rewarded for that? As for those still stuck on me saying "you built your player right", it's clearly just a post for those who were aiming at not hitting a lot. This is nothing against those who are the physical type, etc. Also as for the top leader award, really? I think that speaks for itself. It just comes down to a popularity contest. I remember the good old days when you never knew who was going to win it. I look back and see STZ won it a handful of times. Now you can basically point at the exact member and already know who is getting this award. Time to scrap both of these.




Conclusion: I suggested that those with carryover get rewarded with 150 TPE so that way they can skip right over the VHLM experience. Of course right now you are thinking, "why give veteran members that. that would make new members not want to stick around". Well I have an answer for that as well. The other people who want to retire and create in the off-season for the whole season effect would get 100 TPE carryover to start off with. That gives them enough time to make the cap. First gens would start off with 100 TPE as well. This doesn't include those who are on their very first player either. If someone came back seasons later and their player carryover wasn't past the 30 TPE minimum cap, just make it 100 as the bottom amount. This covers competition to a T and gives some VHL GM's something better to work with even if a prospect goes inactive. The VHLM cap could still sit at the 200 amount and the VHLM will actually be put in place for the reasons it is really there. The VHLM is in place mainly to groom the first gens and returning members who may have forgotten the ways of the VHL.


Welfare Cap


Conclusion: The VHL did a completely different thing and tried to swing for the fences with a pitcher instead of a power hitter. Meaning instead of fixing the welfare problem, they just created a whole new monster. Who knows if it will blow up in their faces. Only time will tell on this one. Also the cap wasn't lowered for welfare so it seems like this suggestion was thrown right out the window.

Higher Payout for Point Tasks


Conclusion: This ties in with the welfare cap. It sure seems as if things weren't looked at here as doing a PT in this league is the same as if you linked it from another league. It sure seems as if the blue team is against getting more media/graphics from our homegrown members. Not really sure why the pay hasn't been amended to give more for actually doing work ON THIS SITE. You will begin to start seeing a shortage of media being written around the site or less graphics due to members coming over from the other leagues or members from here who are in other leagues. If you can write a PT in one league and it count for 3 different leagues, what is the point right? Just seems like things are taking a turn for the worse slowly.


VHLM Team Removal


Conclusion: I only suggested one but we are down to five teams. So it seems as if things were pressed further along than what I had originally suggested.

Rewarding Activity


Conclusion: Still seems as this hasn't happened. This would be like a VHLM practice facility but for the VHL. Basically you get rewarded for helping keep game threads going and not empty. You could even extend this upon if a person does their point task for said week, not welfare, they will get a point for that week. Those points can be tallied up at the end of the season for a payout (uncapped). This promotes in house activity and rewards those who have been doing so. Say like two weeks of PT's = two points. For a full season one could earn eight points totaling up for 4 uncapped TPE. Make it every two points tallied, you will get one uncapped TPE. 


Boosted Draft Classes

Conclusion: It seems as if the welfare partnership can help handle this, but it was more so touching upon my suggestion above with the carryover being higher. This ensures every player in the draft will have a minimum of 100 TPE. Those kind of guys could help a franchise out early even if they are inactive. It could be a really cheap depth player for an up and coming team. Then after said team starts to move into contention, they could in turn trade away the player to another team on the rise. We all know first hand a player with 100 TPE can be a lot more useful as a role player on any rebuilding VHL team compared to a 30 TPE guy.


Making the VHLM less boring for vets


Conclusion: Above was the suggested carryover to handle this. A veteran player may not want to play out the whole season or season and a half in the minors, so why penalize him and make him do so?


Making the bank universal


Conclusion: Still not sure why this isn't a thing. I mean we can't purchase TPE anymore with cash so why is this a concern? The best thing a person can get is like triple predictions, (still requires luck to win), boosted point tasks or vhl.com articles, free weeks. This could really help out a someone who their first player may not be good help his second player or so on. Say someone has a player go eight seasons and they max out around 800 TPE. The carryover for that would be 56 TPE, (of course this would bare no meaning if the carryover thing is implemented), then they have a better start to their career than just the 30 they started with. With the second player their activity picks up and they are already at 800 TPE by their sixth season.  With the universal bank, if they had money left over from their previous player, it could help this new player fight regression a little bit better.


Make the mag viable option for TPE


Conclusion: While they mag has been brought back, why should they get the same pay or just one TPE more than those who write the same amount of words? I say bump up the word count to a minimum of 700 words and let them claim 9 TPE for doing said work. This could create more content and could open up the job for more people to write. I don't care what Robbie says or does, but having more than enough writers is never a bad thing. More people can be rewarded for their work and it gives the chance for their work to be seen by more people. Who wouldn't want their hard work showcased for everyone to see?


Fix Carryover Problems


Conclusion: See post above about carryover. Again this helps those who want to skip the VHLM almost altogether. For those people who just want to be in the VHL this gives them their best chance to do so. I mean Molholt stated before he personally doesn't like it and I think a few others around the league would enjoy being able to almost skip it. So why not implement the carryover fix to the suggested amount to handle this concern?


Make trading fun again


Conclusion: Well trading has been boring for awhile. We will get GM's making more moves to acquire depth and with the archetypes, other GM's would have to make moves to fit their teams needs. Say a team wants to be more offense rounded, then they aim for those scoring wingers and defenders. If a team wants to be more defensive minded, they aim for getting top notch defenders over wingers. Withe balanced approach, well we all know that story. Point being this would make it more fun to see trades happen whether during the season or in the off-season.

This concludes my old suggestions. I know things are a lot different than here but I mean we made changes to the league to help it grow. With the recruitment crew reaching out to grab new members and the welfare partnership bringing in new guys, let's start making the VHL more enjoyable.


VHL additions:


Welfare partnership: I was against it and still am due to it may lower content from our site. If one of the suggestions from above was implemented, aka the rewarding activity thing was added, that could counter this.


Addition of defensive defenseman and the GAA award: This was definitely well needed. Now since these were added, scrap the damned most sportsmanlike and the top leader and things will be alright.


The ability to write bigger media and use for multiple weeks: This was something I was against but it seems as if I am using it to my advantage. I am about to surpass the 2,000 word threshold and this will cover me for the next four weeks.


VHL contraction: Two teams were removed and it seems it has been for the betterment of the league.


Removal of the player 2 project: Seems like this will still have a negative impact in my opinion. I mean this makes draft classes less entertaining and those who actually want two players, can't do it unless they GM a team.


Reviewing available to the public: This opened up more TPE opportunities for more members so I approve.


Link to my previous suggestions: A bunch of suggestions

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  • Commissioner

We haven’t gotten around to making a proper announcement about it (we need to do that) but Sportsmanlike and Top Leader we’re in fact removed going into next season. Replaced with a split defense award (we now have too defensive and top offensive) as well as lowest GAA.

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6 minutes ago, Beketov said:

We haven’t gotten around to making a proper announcement about it (we need to do that) but Sportsmanlike and Top Leader we’re in fact removed going into next season. Replaced with a split defense award (we now have too defensive and top offensive) as well as lowest GAA.


Glad you guys listened on that suggestion. Some things are moving in the right direction while other things are questionable.

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I like a lot of these.

I wouldn't mind having archetypes in one of these hockey leagues. It would be cool to have different kinds of players in the sim, but everyone just seems to go to scoring route. At least most people.

More TPE for PT's makes sense to me as well. Pension welfare gives 5 TPE, which takes away a lot of incentive for veteran guys do even do a PT. That's the reason I buy PT Upgrade, to at least put it to 7.

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