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Trump trumps V2A


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It was an off-season which seen the blue team running around with their noodles chopped off, people scrambling to get everything going and a couple solid trades and a draft for the general managers. For the players, they were left shuffling, moving and mostly - skipping for joy as a handsome payout was given to them all thanks to the brand new update scale. Well, actually, most people were skipping around for joy. As well all know by know, the Bears lost to Riga last year in the finals and that left a sour taste in the mouths of the Seattle Bears but none more so than Vernon Von Axelberry. Sure, it was shitty to lose and it's any teams goal at the start of the season, but he got fucked in more ways than one.


1. We're not sure if it was defense missing or he just sorta played like shit from time to time. We're going to knock it up to both - defense being overworked, the team not playing great in both ends from time to time and Vernon Von Axelberry turning into Von Axelshitty. Either way, the loss hurts hard for him and usually tends to when youre a goalie.


2. Where are my fucking votes? He got shafted harder than Madison Ivy - boy, did he ever. Okay, maybe he wasn't the best goalie, but fuck son - not even on the ballot. And hey, Kendrick, before you cry to the wah police about biased talk and all that special jizzm that comes outta your squalker, know that I owe a debt to Robbie and am only trying to rile you up. Que the comment in 3... 2... 1... But really, the poor lad wasn't even on the little votes - not a single soul voted for him. In fact, Moon got a vote and while stellar play (maybe), he was on a shit team imo. Poor little Robbin goes home without a vote. 


@BluObieZlazy huh and got financing shit to do when my woman returns the Mac for me. 


+2 to Forsberg

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