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Yukon Rush Surge to Top of the Standings


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     The Yukon Rush started the season a dissapointing 4-3 but have since went on a streak of 6 wins, bringing their overall record to a league best 10-3. The 1st half dozen games for the Rush were a mixed bag and the team suffered losses in which they allowed 5, and 7, goals against.

     Many factors contributed to the poor start but the most glaring issue was a struggling defense. Rookies Noel Roux and Billy Pilgrim struggled early despite a strong veteran presence in team mates Ho Lee Fook and Luc Pierre Lispeneau Lebrunette. Over the beginning 6 games the Rush were amongst the leagues worst in shots against and goals against, and

their record refelected that. Despite the rough start the team showed promise, and their potential would soon become evident to the entire league. 

     As of publication the Rush currently sit atop of the VHLM standings with a 10-3 record. 3 of the top 4 overall VHLM point leaders are not just Yukon Rush, but Yukon Rush defenseman (Fook 16 pts., Roux 15 pts., Pilgrim 15 pts). Goalie Tristan Iseult has also helped lead the resurgence while performing as well as any goalie in the league over the unbeaten stretch. It goes without saying 13 games do not make a season, but if the young core of the Rush continue to progress and perform they could be in the thick of the playoff race come seasons end. 

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