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Determination! [1/2]


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Axelsson's Determined 


If you take a look back a couple seasons, you found a quick and determined young player. He came into the draft, started out fairly strong and had a decent name for himself. People didn't quite believe he was going to be a Gabriel Mcallister or even a Fook Yu for that matter, but people still believed that he had the potential to become something decent for any team that took him. Fast forward a single year, maybe even a couple week, and you witness a huge drop off followed by an exit from hockey.  Last season(S38), he was excluded from the entirety of the season because no team found a use for him. He had completely fallen off the map, effort wasn't there nor made and he wasn't strong enough (or around enough) to find himself a playing roster spot on any VHLM team. This was alarming for him and any team around the league - VHL or VHLM.


I hiatus was needed I suppose. I lost my way in the league and needed to get away to find it again. Luckily and fortunately, I found out I was traded to the Seattle Bears and have experience and comfortability with the team and management systems there. Just like the last time one of my players found their way there, they've really helped in getting me going and revitalizing my career and making me feel determined at wanting to succeed and become a good, quality like player. The last little while, I'll admit it has been pretty rocky but as of late, I've been feeling alive and really hungry. Whether it be in the Seattle locker room or playing down in the VHLM, I really want it this year. I'm excited for the rest of the year, but I'm really excited for the future for myself and my teams.


Axelsson has made some pretty huge jumps this season. He's found his way back into the VHLM and is once again playing for the Saskatoon Wild. Despite the teams not so hot start, rolling 2-4-0 on the season, Axelsson has really started to show he could be here to stay. He's currently pumping int he TPE at a nice rate (a lot better than before) and has 3 points through his first 6 games with the team. A friendly note, we don't believe updates have gone through for the VHLM so this will be something to watch for young Otto in the near future. When asked about his goals this year and his thoughts so far on his and his teams performance, this is what he had to say:


3 points in 6 games isn't great, but it's a start. 2-4-0 is pretty much the same thing. We're not the strongest team out there so we're going to have to roll with the punches. Fortunately, we're a good group and we'll do what it takes to succeed or see as much positivity as we can. For me, my goal this season is a point per game and to elevate my play enough that it has a strong affect on my team. I'd like to hit the 30 goal mark, pop around 40 assist and break that 70 point plateau. I want to really bring my game so that I can show Seattle I'm ready to make a difference for them too.



February 26th to March 4th, 2018

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