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Power Rankings 2.0


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A couple of weeks ago I did a power rankings and I was uhhhh wrong. It's obviously all  guessing game before the season but trends are starting to form now. I am going to try and do this as often as I can especially since these are actually worth it at 2 TPE now. 


1. New York Americans: One of the youngest teams is one of the best teams so far. They have 11 wins and 4 losses (2 in overtime). They have the joint best goal differential with Seattle and it isn't as if they are going to slow down anytime soon.


2. Seattle Bears: The Bears came into the season with many thinking they would be an after thought. Never the less Seattle is looking like a true competitor and could be finals bound once again.


3. Toronto Legion: 21 points and a 12 goal differential puts the Legion in at the number three spot.


4. Riga Reign: The back to back champs have struggled but it seems they are just trying to get their consistency together. They have an 11 goal differential which would have them in 4th by that metric.


5. Calgary Wranglers: A team many had pegged for the bottom look to be on pace for a playoff spot.


6. Helsinki Titans: They are far from a powerhouse but they have done well so far with limited depth.


7. Quebec Meute: Not much to be said for a rebuilding team.


8. Davos: Same.

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